News from Ukraine: Scholz and Macron stress the sovereignty of the attacked country | Current Europe | DW

The essentials in a nutshell: Scholz receives French President Macron, who has been confirmed in office Rocket attack on Odessa during the visit of Charles Michel Moscow reports many new attacks after Putin’s speech Visit of UN Secretary General António Guterres to Moldova SPD leader admits mistakes in dealing with Moscow Roscosmos boss outraged by … Read more

Protests to commemorate May 9: Putin’s shadow extends to Berlin

May 9 is a public holiday in Russia – on this day the country celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany after immense sacrifices. Today, Putin is waging war on the former Soviet republic of Ukraine. This also leads to a test in Berlin. Police ruled that no Russian flag should be waved at the Soviet … Read more

Ironically, ‘VE Day’: Editors pull off anti-Putin coup

Updated on 05/09/2022 15:34 Ironically, on Russia’s most important holiday – “Victory Day” – two editors of a media outlet loyal to the Kremlin pulled off an anti-Putin coup. One justified the protest action with one’s conscience. You can find more information about the war in Ukraine here On Russia’s important ‘Victory Day’ holiday, critical … Read more

Speculation about a series of murders: a Russian billionaire would have died at the hands of shamans

Speculation about a series of murders A Russian billionaire would have died at the home of shamans May 9, 2022, 2:01 p.m. Another former high-ranking Russian leader and energy tycoon dies mysteriously. Given the history of Russian state assassination attempts, there is speculation that President Vladimir Putin may be involved. But the dead were not … Read more

Putin describes the war in Ukraine as a purely defensive action

abroad Military parade in Moscow Putin presents the war in Ukraine as a purely defensive action – no general mobilization From 11.44 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes “Russia had to counter the aggression of Ukraine and Western countries” In his speech on the occasion of the victory over Nazi Germany, Vladimir Putin, as expected, … Read more

Victory Day in Moscow: Putin’s regime abuses history

Dhe Russian special course began as early as 1945. While for most of the world the war in Europe ended on May 8, the Soviet leadership insisted on a separate declaration of surrender by representatives of the Nazi regime. It took place after midnight Moscow time. That is why in Russia, for years, the big … Read more

Ukraine: NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg calls on Putin to step down

abroad General Secretary Stoltenberg ‘Stand firm with Ukraine’ – NATO calls on Putin to step down Status: 06:41 | Reading time: 3 minutes NATO boss Stoltenberg calls on Putin to start peace talks NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urges Vladimir Putin to end hostilities in Ukraine. “I again call on President Putin on May 9 … Read more

Ukraine-News +++ Zelenskyj on the anniversary of the World War – “Evil is back, in a different uniform” +++

DShortly before celebrations marking the end of World War II in Moscow, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin of forgetting history. “Russia has forgotten everything that was important to the victors of World War II,” he said in a video message on Sunday evening. Decades after World War II, “evil is … Read more

Vladimir Putin Calls Alleged Fight Against Nazis ‘Sacred Duty’

RTL>news> Regarding the Ukrainian war, Vladimir Putin once again drew a parallel with the Second World War. “Today it is a collective duty to prevent the revival of Nazism, which caused so much suffering to the people of different countries,” reads the message published on the Kremlin’s website on Sunday. In it, the Russian leader … Read more

Don’t give Putin any pretext for further escalation

BSo far, strategic communication in the dispute with Russia has been one of the strengths of the US government. This originally referred to the release of intelligence on Moscow’s Hybrid War planning. The White House then decided to publicly document the Secret Service’s contribution to military aid to Ukraine as well. The difficulties of the … Read more