Legal opinion in progress: the union wants to withdraw the salary of Gazprom from Schröder

Current legal opinion Union wants to withdraw Schröder’s salary from Gazprom 08/05/2022, 7:45 p.m. Former Chancellor Schröder did not criticize his continued solidarity with the Kremlin for weeks. The SPD politician also does not want to give up his lucrative post at Gazprom. The Union faction is now offering to withhold his $1 million salary … Read more

Union tops trend barometer: SPD star falls for third week in a row

The Union at the top of the trend barometer SPD star drops for third week in a row 03/05/2022 14:03 In the Sunday question of the RTL/ntv trend barometer, the SPD lags further behind the Union. The gap increases to three percentage points while the other parties stagnate. This is scary news for the left. … Read more

Friedrich Merz overtakes Olaf Scholz

VThe demands of the Union parliamentary group for the “special fund” for the Bundeswehr say much more than the “Cologne Declaration”, in which the CDU and the CSU want to guide the country’s security policy. In its press release, the Union presents only what is well known, which it propagated when it was in government, … Read more