Protests to commemorate May 9: Putin’s shadow extends to Berlin

May 9 is a public holiday in Russia – on this day the country celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany after immense sacrifices. Today, Putin is waging war on the former Soviet republic of Ukraine. This also leads to a test in Berlin. Police ruled that no Russian flag should be waved at the Soviet … Read more

Ukraine-News +++ Zelenskyj on the anniversary of the World War – “Evil is back, in a different uniform” +++

DShortly before celebrations marking the end of World War II in Moscow, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin of forgetting history. “Russia has forgotten everything that was important to the victors of World War II,” he said in a video message on Sunday evening. Decades after World War II, “evil is … Read more

The United States is an example of the advantages of the market economy

Zu The numerous errors of judgment made by the Russian president before the start of the war include the assumption that the West is weak. This seems all the more false when we look at the United States. The American economist Alex Tabarrok referred to an interesting historical tradition in this context, as forecasting the … Read more

War in Ukraine: Kyiv reports rescue of all women, children and elderly from Mariupol steel plant

abroad Ukrainian War Kyiv signals rescue of all women, children and elderly from Mariupol Steel Plant From: 8:10 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Pro-Russian separatists stand alongside buses transporting civilians evacuated from Mariupol to temporary accommodation in the Donetsk region Source: REUTERS According to the Ukrainian government, all the women, children and elderly people … Read more

Ukraine-News +++ Austria warns Germany before changing course in gas embargo +++

DAustrian Economics Minister Margarete Schramböck has warned Germany not to consider a gas embargo. “We must not send any signals in the direction of the gas embargo if we know that we cannot maintain it – and neither we nor Germany will be able to maintain it,” said Schramböck of the Funke media group according … Read more

Ukraine War: The Suwalki Hole – where NATO is most vulnerable

Commander Egidijus Paeckys Source: Marco Reinke Source: WORLD infographic Puapl uul Bnppteup pllel llet lu Ulleneu. Zlekl unl veaeu pel pllehleu 6leueeu, puupelu enek “velt Bnppteup pekuu ​​eluOet ettep aeuuOOeu kepe”, peal Beoeehvp nup Oelul peOll ple Nell nuel puvlellpekel Fellpeketl, ple i029 peaeuu. Poolel vel Ulleneu pep elple Ueup, pep plek uuu pel Puvlelnuluu … Read more