Landau an der Isar: David Hasselhoff advertises the wine festival – Bavaria

Few 80s and 90s television icons epitomize heroism and failure quite like David Hasselhoff. As Michael Knight he saved the world from dark forces, as Mitch Buchannon he saved people from drowning. Some time later, when most of the money from the two American series “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” had run out and fame was … Read more

May 9 at the Soviet Memorial in Berlin – Politics

Natalia Tokareva has lived in Berlin for ten years and since then she regularly comes to the Soviet War Memorial in the Tiergarten on May 9, surrounded by two tanks. She wears a rather tight red dress, a blazer and a strong black headband. In her right hand she holds a dozen pink roses and … Read more

Lambrecht needs explanation because of his son’s possibility of stealing – politics

The Ministry of Defense admits the trip in the government helicopter, but rejects the accusation that the family used the craft for purely private purposes. Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) is under pressure to explain herself after letting her son fly in a government helicopter. Of Business Intern reports on its website under the title … Read more

Chelsea FC: Probably the most spectacular club takeover in history

Hardly any quality seems to be more important to Roman Abramowitsch than loyalty. Ever since he bought Chelsea Football Club for around £150m in the summer of 2003, supporters have remained largely loyal to him, honoring the Russian oligarch for his services. Like a sugar daddy, he lifted the former middle-class club into club football’s … Read more

BVB: Is Marco Rose debating? – Sports

It would have been revealing. What would Marco Rose have done if his first year at Borussia Dortmund had gone better? What if he had perhaps even won something and walked across Borsigplatz with a sparkling trophy in his arm? Perhaps he would have tried to smile as broadly as the always laid-back Jurgen Klopp. … Read more

Self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine: the striking fist – politics

The federal government is moving forward with the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. Germany will deliver seven self-propelled howitzers to the country, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) announced on Friday during a visit to Sliač in Slovakia. The day before, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had already announced a major exchange of rings, in which … Read more

Europa League: RB Leipzig loses in Glasgow and misses the final

Football dressing rooms are sacred spaces filled with secrets and rites known only to those who have access to them. They have more in common with confessionals than dressing rooms, and in many cases the confessor is the one who receives the title of kit keeper and who, in the narrowest sense, is responsible for … Read more

Court declares Wirecard’s balance sheets void

The Regional Court Munich I considers the financial statements of the Wirecard group for 2017 and 2018 to be incorrect. The court declared null and void Thursday the annual accounts as well as the resolutions of dividend of the two years. The competent chamber thus upheld an action brought by the judicial administrator Michael Jaffé, … Read more

Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool FC: Impressive work – sport

Jürgen Klopp, 54, had already been informed that he had to take part in the interview tour. But he did not want to miss the salute to the approximately 2,000 Liverpool supporters who had accompanied his team to Villarreal. Klopp walked towards them, looked at them, and what could be seen from afar were gleaming … Read more

For Scheuer, the toll affair has legal consequences – politics

The multi-billion dollar debacle by former Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is the target of prosecutors. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office has opened preliminary proceedings against Scheuer and his former state secretary Gerhard Schulz. This was announced by the authority on Tuesday. According to the prosecutor, investigators are investigating the initial suspicion of false unsworn … Read more