Ex-VP of Gazprom Bank on suicides in Russia: “They knew too much…” – Politics abroad

He earned close to $200,000 a year, lived well in Moscow and, despite the war, is said to have lived in the Ukraine keep living this life… But the deputy director of the Russian bank Gazprom, Igor Volobuyev (50), decided on another path: he quit his job and returned to his native country, Ukraine, to … Read more

Shepherd Heinrich is in the mood – for sex! Doldrums after Tinder date – people

Cult farmer Schäfer Heinrich (55) was already looking for a wife in 2008 in the RTL program “Bauer sucht Frau” in vain. Even after that, things didn’t really go well for him in love. Currently there is even an absolute sexual lull with him! As Heinrich now admits, he was completely sexually slowed down by … Read more

Chelsea FC: Because of the sale of Abramovich! Chelsea risk being kicked out of the Premier League – Football

The next crazy twist on the Chelsea FC crime thriller! According to the English media, the London club risks being excluded from the Premier League for the new season! Consequently, the license of the blues, which the league wants to decide on June 8, is shaking. This is where you will find social media content … Read more

Prince Harry: His grandson already has plans for the Queen’s Jubilee! – People

It will be his summer. Celebration in June queen elizabeth (96) 70th anniversary of the throne. When his father, King George VI. died February 6, 1952, she became queen overnight and is now Britain’s longest-serving monarch. She was crowned on June 2, 1953, after an appropriate period of mourning and planning. Now in June, the … Read more

Is Putin hiding two little threads from the relationship with his beloved? – Policy abroad

Kremlin hidden dictator Vladimir Putin (69) two of his at least four children? The ex-athlete has been telling himself for years Alina Kabaeva (38) be Putin’s permanent affair. Now there is apparently confirmation for the first time that the athlete has two sons with the Kremlin-Bully a. The Swiss “Tagesanzeiger” spoke to a person who … Read more

Amira Pocher upset because of Pietro’s dirty pool – people

“And Pietro’s swimming pool?” Why did you make it so dirty?” With this question, Oliver Pocher (44) really pisses off his wife Amira (29) in the joint podcast! Because Amira can’t believe anyone seriously thinks the Pochers left DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi’s (29) chic whirlwind totally dirty. They were allowed to live in his villa … Read more