“He threw me cold as ice!” – Tear Zoff at Bauer Felix

Updated on 09/05/2022 at 10:35 p.m. Separation drama “Bauer sucht Frau International” (RTL) in Peru! When the coffee farmer Félix wants to send Monika home, the situation degenerates. In Canada, a carefree lady-in-waiting learned, “A farm is not a pony farm!” You can find more information about TV and streaming here A coffee farmer complained … Read more

Tim Raue wants to save restaurants: RTL has a new “restaurant tester”

Tim Raue wants to save restaurants RTL has a new “Restaurant tester” May 9, 2022, 2:03 p.m. Tim Raue has already founded many restaurants – and had to close them again. Now, as a new “Restaurant Tester” at RTL, he wants to put his expertise to the test and help restaurants in financial difficulty get … Read more

“Let’s Dance” with Amira Pocher: Why does Llambi forgive her mistakes on the ground? – People

Semi-finals with the dancing celebrities – the nerves are on edge and the points are close together. The “Let’s Dance” show chart moves to the penultimate episode on Friday. Only four celebrities and professionals swirl across the floor. It goes without saying that every step, every quarter of a second, every gesture is scrupulously observed … Read more

Georgina Fleur on the occasion of Mother’s Day: she throws the ex beating Kubi in the trash

He could have spared himself this gift. Television star Georgina Fleur (31) celebrates her first Mother’s Day on Monday. But the flowers she got are bitter. ‘Cause they come from her spanked ex cube (42). In August 2021, Georgina’s pride was born: her little girl! For the daughter, the former jungle camper wants to be … Read more

Sarah Mangione wants to show what she is capable of in the quarter-finals!

RTL>emissions> A life without “Let’s Dance”? Not with actress and presenter Sarah Mangione! At her parents’ home, the dance show has shimmered on the home screen since the first season and now the 31-year-old can make mom and dad very proud: Sarah will dance in 2022 as a contestant alongside professional Vadim Garbuzov ! She’s … Read more

Shepherd Heinrich is in the mood – for sex! Doldrums after Tinder date – people

Cult farmer Schäfer Heinrich (55) was already looking for a wife in 2008 in the RTL program “Bauer sucht Frau” in vain. Even after that, things didn’t really go well for him in love. Currently there is even an absolute sexual lull with him! As Heinrich now admits, he was completely sexually slowed down by … Read more

It’s never been so dramatic

RTL>emissions> Fires, explosions, secret transactions and a Jo Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro) on the run! All of this can be seen in the feature length on GZSZ’s big anniversary. But what will happen exactly? Will this episode change everything? We already show the first scenes of the episode in the video trailer. But beware, there is … Read more

The price is hot: lukewarm return with presenter Harry Wijnvoord – TV

RTL continues to ride the wave of renewal! On Wednesday evening, the next nostalgic format made its big comeback on TV: The fare show “The price is hot” with cult 90s host Harry Wijnvoord (72). The intro music alone brought back memories of the past! Between 1989 and 1997, Harry Wijnvoord appeared on German screens … Read more

Battle of the reality TV stars: circulatory collapse! Concern for Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein – TV

The “reality business” knocked him out. At the start of the fourth episode of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, everything still seemed quite peaceful. Womanizer Ronald Schill (63) devoted himself to personal hygiene in the shower, naked, when Schäfer Heinrich (55) sensed the expanding herd of reality TV stars on the horizon : “New sheep … Read more

‘Farmer seeks wife – International’: Idol Justin serves as lady-in-waiting – TV

During his week on the farm, there were two surprises… Farmer Justin (30) is THE darling among the current candidates for “Bauer sucht Frau – International”. To start, he invited five women to his home in Alsace. Two were allowed to stay at the end. But the romantic adventure took a very different course for … Read more