Volker Wissing wants to increase the premium to 10,800 euros

Berlin Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing plans to use massive subsidies to quickly persuade Germans to buy electric cars. This emerges from a government report in which several research institutes have evaluated the plan for an immediate climate protection programme. The report is available to the Handelsblatt. As a result, the FDP politician plans to … Read more

“Oil by other routes”: Habeck: Schwedt refinery can be saved

“Oil by Other Routes” Habeck: Schwedt refinery can be saved 05/09/2022 00:34 Although the Schwedt refinery is totally dependent on Russian oil, Economy Minister Habeck sees a future for the company. In the short term, oil from other countries should be the solution. In the long term, however, the Minister has other plans and speaks … Read more

Robert Habeck: “Afraid of a Third World War? I do not have”

Germany Robert Habeck “Afraid of a Third World War? I do not have” From 12:02 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes WELT Special – Russian Military Shell Rail Installations Russia is apparently trying to shut down Western arms supplies with massive rocket fire at Ukrainian rail systems. Follow all developments here and at WELT on … Read more

“Will Outlast Time”: Habeck praises the “infinite energy” of the traffic light.

“Will stand the test of time” Habeck praises traffic light’s ‘infinite energy’ 03/05/2022, 09:58 PM The attack on Ukraine puts the governing skills of the traffic light coalition to the test. On the sidelines of the ministerial retreat, ministers Habeck and Lindner are convinced that they will master the crisis. Despite the current major risks … Read more

Climate protection program: reorganization of the sector, spreading of food prices, end of dumping price thefts

Pelue VOpelenua velpe elue vellaekeupe VOpeltnua pel Buelaleaevluunua nup pel Blupnhlluupolueeppe pepenleu. Vup tel ple Zeupekeu lO Ueup elue VOplettnua eluep Ieltp lklel Uepeupaevukukukelleu. Ble vlekllapleu Bnuhle lO Vpelptleh: I. Vel Oekl uelpleul, putt Oekl tel GtlOepeknle peeekteu. “Pnt pel Pelle pel ollueleu Fenpketle plelaeu ple IlelpkenpaepeOlppluueu Oll enuekOeupeO BluhuOOeu eu. Pu uelnlpeekeu ple eeku … Read more

Oil embargo: Habeck: “It can get bumpy.” – Policy

There are completely new sounds that can be heard in Brussels from Berlin: the Germans no longer need to be urged to introduce energy sanctions against Russia – they push them themselves. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, Economy Minister Robert Habeck and Finance Minister Christian Lindner confirmed in statements on Sunday and Monday that the Federal … Read more

something is wrong

Hello, dear reader, Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine is ruining tens of thousands of people and upsetting the European security balance. But it also shakes the Germans evenings, Years of certainty are erased and U-turns are made at breakneck speed. Whoever said Hü two and a half months ago suddenly says Hott, many representatives … Read more

Reduced dependency: Germany buys much less oil and gas from Russia

reduced dependency Germany buys much less oil and gas from Russia May 1, 2022, 5:25 p.m. Germany’s dependence on Russian energy sources is an asset in the hands of the Kremlin. Although the federal government continues to reject a full boycott of Russia, the share of Russian supplies in Germany’s energy needs has dropped drastically … Read more