The Situation at Noon: Fierce Fighting for Snake Island

snake island This satellite image taken by Planet Labs PBC on May 6 shows thick black smoke billowing from a suspected Ukrainian drone attack on Russian positions on Ukrainian Snake Island in the Black Sea. (Photo: dpa) Kyiv Before May 9, Russia intensifies its attack efforts in Ukraine. According to their own statements, the Russian … Read more

Kremlin ‘ties’: Italy confiscates Putin’s alleged mega-yacht

“Links” with the Kremlin Italy seizes Putin’s alleged megayacht 05/07/2022, 00:45 The “Scheherazade” is from German production and is worth hundreds of millions of euros. The mega yacht is even believed to belong to Russian President Putin himself, but is now confiscated by Italian authorities. Italian authorities have arrested the mega yacht “Scheherazade” lying in … Read more

‘Will not hold’: Austria warns Germany against gas embargo

“I will not arrive there” Austria warns Germany against gas embargo 05/06/2022, 04:15 So far, neither the Germans nor the Austrians can do without Russian gas. The Austrian Minister of Economics therefore warns against the application of an import ban in the EU. In order to secure energy demand, it advocates the promotion of hydraulic … Read more

“Will Outlast Time”: Habeck praises the “infinite energy” of the traffic light.

“Will stand the test of time” Habeck praises traffic light’s ‘infinite energy’ 03/05/2022, 09:58 PM The attack on Ukraine puts the governing skills of the traffic light coalition to the test. On the sidelines of the ministerial retreat, ministers Habeck and Lindner are convinced that they will master the crisis. Despite the current major risks … Read more

Investments in real estate: Russians keep their money safe in Dubai

Investments in real estate Russians keep their money safe in Dubai 05/03/2022, 08:45 So far, Dubai has not embraced Western sanctions against Russia. According to a media report, this leads wealthy Russians to invest heavily in real estate in Dubai. Among them would be a good hundred members of the Russian political elite. According to … Read more

After the Putin decree on the rouble: when gas transfers are prohibited according to the EU

After Putin’s Ruble Decree When gas transfers are banned according to the EU 02/05/2022 22:57 The May bill for Russian gas is due. Some countries are asking the European Commission for clarification on how to organize their transfer to Gazprom without violating the sanctions. Kremlin boss Putin has been demanding rubles since April and otherwise … Read more

A billionaire criticizes Putin: Tinkow complains about the expropriation of his bank

A billionaire criticized Putin Tinkow complains about the expropriation of its bank May 2, 2022, 5:19 p.m. As one of the few powerful Russians, Oleg Tinkov criticizes the war of aggression in Ukraine. The billionaire is now rid of his private bank. He describes the sale to another Russian billionaire as a hostage situation and … Read more

Assets of “enemy countries”: Moscow plans retaliation in case of confiscation

assets of “enemy countries” Moscow plans retaliation for confiscations 05/01/2022, 15:00 The United States wants to use the proceeds of confiscated Russian assets to support Ukraine. This prompted Russian parliament speaker Volodin to launch a counterattack. Russia is ready to confiscate the assets of “enemy countries” and use them for the development of their own … Read more