Thousands of demonstrators for Ukraine: pro-Russian processions pass through Cologne

Thousands of demonstrators for Ukraine Pro-Russian processions pass through Cologne 05/09/2022 04:56 On the 77th anniversary of liberation from National Socialism, hundreds drive through Cologne, waving the Russian flag and expressing their support for Russia. At the same time, many more participants are coming to the counter-demonstrations – and showing their solidarity with Ukraine. The … Read more

Left forms of resistance: Macron promises a political reorientation

Forms of resistance from the left Macron promises a political reorientation 05/07/2022, 18:48 Emmanuel Macron, often decried as the “president of the rich”, says he wants to give new impetus to his second presidency. It’s about inclusion in schools, better access to the healthcare system and a more livable planet, especially for young people. String … Read more