“The Lion’s Den”: Rosberg donates money to the founders! – TV

This was not the case in the investment program “Die Höhle der Löwen” (Vox). Monday evening, the founding team of “NetzBeweis” received a windfall without consideration. This agreement has become an affair of the heart: with their “NetzBeweis” platform, Katharina Bisset (37 years old), Michael Lanzinger (39 years old), Philipp Omenitsch (30 years old) and … Read more

“The Lion’s Den”: saddle feeling “Freibeik” – double deal! – TV

On Monday evening, founding mother Iris-Sabine Langstädter (58) from Bremen and her daughter Carmen (31) inspired the investors of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (VOX). Their mega-invention “Freibeik” started on horseback! Mother and daughter are both motorcycle enthusiasts. But Iris-Sabine also had a passion for other saddles. The founder in front of the lions: “When we … Read more