Ukraine: NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg calls on Putin to step down

abroad General Secretary Stoltenberg ‘Stand firm with Ukraine’ – NATO calls on Putin to step down Status: 06:41 | Reading time: 3 minutes NATO boss Stoltenberg calls on Putin to start peace talks NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urges Vladimir Putin to end hostilities in Ukraine. “I again call on President Putin on May 9 … Read more

kyiv: U2 musicians play in the air-raid shelter

MAccording to media reports, musicians from the Irish rock group U2 made a surprising appearance on Sunday at a kyiv metro station that was being used as an air-raid shelter. Frontman Bono and guitarist “The Edge” performed the band’s classics like the song “Stand By Me”, as seen in videos released by Ukrainian media. “President … Read more

News from Ukraine: Children, women and the elderly left the steelworks | Current World | DW

The essentials in a nutshell: Children, women and the elderly leave a besieged steel plant in Mariupol UN Security Council endorses Ukraine statement Explosions in Transnistria US releases more military aid Italy blocks luxury Russian yacht All children, women and the elderly were brought to safety from the Azov-Stahl plant in Mariupol, besieged by Russian … Read more

War in Ukraine: Kyiv reports rescue of all women, children and elderly from Mariupol steel plant

abroad Ukrainian War Kyiv signals rescue of all women, children and elderly from Mariupol Steel Plant From: 8:10 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Pro-Russian separatists stand alongside buses transporting civilians evacuated from Mariupol to temporary accommodation in the Donetsk region Source: REUTERS According to the Ukrainian government, all the women, children and elderly people … Read more

How foreign fighters fight in Ukraine

Ein a park on the outskirts of downtown kyiv. For a short stretch, it descends steeply from an old street of buildings with graying facades under dense trees. The ground covered with crackling leaves. Then a few holes dug in the ground appear, from which still stick out the remnants of fresh roots. A group … Read more

Help kill generals: ‘Then the United States would also be a war party’

le Vulelplelenua pel VPP tel ple Puulle-6nelltte lu Zleeleane, ple uul 29 Iekleu aeaeu ple peuplpllpeke Bealelnua aehoOotl kel. Ble Puullep vnlpeu uuu pel Beeaeu-Bealelnua Oll 6etp nup Vetteu enpaeplellel. Bel luleluelluuete 6elleklpkut lpl peOetp uuu Zleeleane peteppl vulpeu nup kel plek en peO Guuttlhl enek i00b aeonQell: Ble lelue Uletelnua uuu Vetteu eu Bealelnuapaeauel … Read more

Ukraine-News +++ Austria warns Germany before changing course in gas embargo +++

DAustrian Economics Minister Margarete Schramböck has warned Germany not to consider a gas embargo. “We must not send any signals in the direction of the gas embargo if we know that we cannot maintain it – and neither we nor Germany will be able to maintain it,” said Schramböck of the Funke media group according … Read more

Weapons for kyiv: the federal government finds no ammunition for Cheetah tanks

Pnt Putleae vuttle plek pep GeueteleOl peen ulekl onQelu. PO 0b. Pollt uelheupele ple Pnupeplealelnua epellepekeup, Oll peO 6eoelp elplOetp pekvele Vetteu eu ple Vhlelue tletelu en vutteu. Nnuul kelle Pnupepheuetel Gtet Pekute (PBB) plep uuek uekeOeul epaetekul. read also read also Heavy weapons for Ukraine Buek eu leueO Iea tnp VP-UellelplanuapOlulplel Utuvp Pnpllu 29 … Read more

Steinmeier on the phone with Zelenskyj – Invitation to kyiv for the “entire state leadership”

Germany After a failed trip Steinmeier on the phone with Zelenskyj – Invitation to kyiv for the “entire state leadership” From 5:57 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Selenskyj calls Steinmeier and invites senior government officials Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke on the phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He reportedly invited Steinmeier and Chancellor … Read more

Mariupol: “Violent fighting” on the site of the Azov Steelworks

RUkraine says US troops at site of besieged Azov steel plant Mariupol Advanced. One is still in contact with the defenders, says MP David Arachamia on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Contact with Ukrainian soldiers at the Azov plant has, however, been lost, Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko told Ukrainian television. The authorities therefore do not know … Read more