Legal opinion in progress: the union wants to withdraw the salary of Gazprom from Schröder

Current legal opinion Union wants to withdraw Schröder’s salary from Gazprom 08/05/2022, 7:45 p.m. Former Chancellor Schröder did not criticize his continued solidarity with the Kremlin for weeks. The SPD politician also does not want to give up his lucrative post at Gazprom. The Union faction is now offering to withhold his $1 million salary … Read more

Steinmeier unloads ‘on the way’: Scholz does not want to go to kyiv at the moment

“Inconvenient” Steinmeier projection Scholz does not want to go to Kyiv at the moment 02/05/2022, 7:52 p.m. While several politicians announce a visit to Ukraine, the Chancellor rules out a possible trip. He cites the fact that Federal President Steinmeier was not invited as the reason. Scholz also defends his background in the Ukrainian war. … Read more

something is wrong

Hello, dear reader, Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine is ruining tens of thousands of people and upsetting the European security balance. But it also shakes the Germans evenings, Years of certainty are erased and U-turns are made at breakneck speed. Whoever said Hü two and a half months ago suddenly says Hott, many representatives … Read more