The Situation at Noon: Fierce Fighting for Snake Island

snake island This satellite image taken by Planet Labs PBC on May 6 shows thick black smoke billowing from a suspected Ukrainian drone attack on Russian positions on Ukrainian Snake Island in the Black Sea. (Photo: dpa) Kyiv Before May 9, Russia intensifies its attack efforts in Ukraine. According to their own statements, the Russian … Read more

Selenskyj warns of an upsurge in attacks

IFears of increased Russian airstrikes in Ukraine amid the upcoming VE Day in Moscow are growing. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for caution and discipline. “I ask all our fellow citizens, especially these days, not to ignore the air alert,” the head of state said in his evening video address on Friday. “Please, this is your … Read more

Prague and Berlin prepare to swap arms

DGermany and the Czech Republic are preparing an agreement on an exchange of rings of heavy military equipment, during which the Czech army will hand over weapons from the Warsaw Pact era to Ukraine and will be equipped in return with western technology. This was announced by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Federal Chancellor … Read more

Federal President visits Romania: Steinmeier publicly approaches Selenskyj

Federal President visits Romania Steinmeier publicly approaches Selenskyj 04/05/2022, 3:30 p.m. While the Chancellor expects Ukraine to take the first step in the Steinmeier affair, the Federal President again publicly reaches out about his trip to Romania and underlines his willingness to speak to his counterpart Selenskyj. In Bucharest, it is also a question of … Read more

CDU leader visits Kyiv suburb of Irpin

DCDU Chairman Friedrich Merz arrived in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Tuesday afternoon for a visit. Merz had recently kept the exact time of his trip secret for security reasons. On Monday, after the meeting of the governing bodies of the CDU and the CSU, he left for Poland, from where he took the train … Read more

Steinmeier unloads ‘on the way’: Scholz does not want to go to kyiv at the moment

“Inconvenient” Steinmeier projection Scholz does not want to go to Kyiv at the moment 02/05/2022, 7:52 p.m. While several politicians announce a visit to Ukraine, the Chancellor rules out a possible trip. He cites the fact that Federal President Steinmeier was not invited as the reason. Scholz also defends his background in the Ukrainian war. … Read more