Russia – Embarrassing, Putin! Ventilation instead of a propaganda show – the foreign policy

Putin’s chic parade in Red Square was expected on Victory Day over Nazi Germany – THE party in Putin’s land! But it got scary. For the despot! Kremlin Potentate Vladimir Putin (69) delivered a spectacle of bankruptcy: parade without victory! Particularly troublesome: During the parade, which had already halved, the Luftwaffe remained on the ground: … Read more

Russia. Bold Journalists Call for Putin’s Departure – Inside Kremlin Media – The Politics Abroad

Also because of YOU might dictator Vladimir Putin (69) to “Victory Day” had a lot of frustration. One of Russia’s leading news sites published a brief harsh critique of the war on Monday – and called for the Kremlin tyrant to leave. One of the approximately 40 articles published on “” was titled: “Putin must … Read more

Russia: Putin is “angry”! Beloved Kabaeva would be pregnant – politics abroad

This is where you will find social media content In order to interact with or view social media content, we need your consent. activate social networks There are many rumors about Putin’s lover Alina Kabaeva (38). But the latest news on the long-term affair of the Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin (69) goes beyond the frame: … Read more

Putin’s ‘doomsday jet’ over Moscow: Kremlin’s show of power – Politics Abroad

May 9 will be in Russia celebrated “Victory Day” – the triumph over Nazi Germany in 1945. This year wants the Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (69) but above all to celebrate his victory over Ukraine, which he defamed by calling it “Nazis”. ︎ Problem: The big Russian offensive in Ukraine is faltering, everything is going … Read more

Putin apologizes to Israel – Lavrov slapped? – Policy abroad

Was it a public slap in the face for his lying minister? According to Israeli reports, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (69) has apologized to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (50) for statements by his lying Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (72). He said Sunday on the Italian channel Mediaset: “I could be wrong, but Hitler also … Read more

Shortly before fleeing Tuscany – Putin’s posh yacht was confiscated in Italy! – Policy abroad

With a length of 147 meters, the “Scheherazade” is one of the largest private yachts in the world! It has two helipads, four radars, a swimming pool, a cinema – and no longer has an owner! In a colossal coup, the Italian financial police confiscated the ostentatious Scheherazade moored in Tuscany. The experts are certain: … Read more

Ukrainian War – Denis († 15 years old) torn to pieces by a grenade: in front of his parents – foreign policy

The last time I saw Denis, he was still wearing the zoo’s red jacket, it’s a little too big for him. His face is pale, his left leg almost severed: Russian shrapnel has severed an artery in his thigh. Denis loses a lot of blood when paramedics take him to hospital in Kharkiv. For weeks, … Read more

Ex-VP of Gazprom Bank on suicides in Russia: “They knew too much…” – Politics abroad

He earned close to $200,000 a year, lived well in Moscow and, despite the war, is said to have lived in the Ukraine keep living this life… But the deputy director of the Russian bank Gazprom, Igor Volobuyev (50), decided on another path: he quit his job and returned to his native country, Ukraine, to … Read more

Steinmeier is suddenly welcome in Kyiv – has Merz really broken the ice? – Policy abroad

End of the Ice Age! In a phone call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj (44) and Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (66) on Thursday, the waves between Berlin and Kyiv have been smoothed: Federal government officials can finally travel to Kyiv and express their solidarity with Ukraine. ︎ The woman of the second highest state office … Read more

Pope Francis: Outrage over bizarre statements on NATO policy abroad

In theology, the pope is considered the supreme authority, many believers even as infallible. But does this also apply to politics? ► Francis (85), who appeared publicly for the first time in a wheelchair on Thursday due to a knee condition, was criticized for his remarks on the Russian attack against Ukraine. Trigger: A newspaper … Read more