EU membership only decades away: Macron drastically undermines hopes in Ukraine

Joining the EU only in decades Macron drastically undermines Ukraine’s hopes 05/09/2022, 18:09 Ukraine expects more security and support from EU membership. The admission procedure could be accelerated, but French President Macron is giving little hope. French President Emmanuel Macron has dampened hopes of Ukraine’s upcoming EU membership. The process could take “decades”, Macron said … Read more

Hepatitis in children – adenoviruses are suspected

Updated on 05/06/2022 at 07:55 Some countries report acute cases of severe hepatitis in children. Researchers suspect supposedly harmless adenoviruses. Typical symptoms are fatigue, nausea or abdominal pain. You can find more health topics here Mysterious cases of hepatitis in children continue to rise around the world. At least 228 such cases in 20 countries … Read more

The war in Ukraine in the newspapers: Von der Leyen on war criminals: “We know who you are”

09:40: ➤ Von der Leyen calls for punitive measures for war criminals 06:37: kyiv claims: Russia loots grain silos – already 400,000 tons removed 5:56 a.m.: Ukrainian military equipment will be repaired in Slovakia 04:12: Pro Asyl criticizes the kidnapping of Ukrainians to Russia 01:52: The European Commission proposes an oil embargo against Russia Update … Read more

The European Commission begins a new procedure against Apple

Updated on 2022-02-05 13:12 According to preliminary investigations by the European Commission, the American company Apple is violating European competition rules. EU competition authorities are now moving forward with new proceedings against Apple. This time it’s Apple Pay. You can find more news here According to preliminary investigations by the European Commission, the American company … Read more

IfW: Aid at US level: EU countries dipping deeper into their pockets for Ukraine

IfW: aid at the American level EU countries dig deeper into their pockets for Ukraine 02/05/2022 10:43 Ukraine needs all the help it can get in the face of the Russian attack. So far, the United States in particular has been very generous. But the offers of help are now also multiplying in Europe. However, … Read more