Macron advances: boldly to reform the EU?

Zten minutes were reserved for the French President to conclude the conference on the future of Europe. But Emmanuel Macron did not hold out, he spoke for a good half hour. After twenty minutes, the sentence that many expected at the Strasbourg plenum fell. To be able to decide effectively, even in normal times, “we … Read more

EU membership only decades away: Macron drastically undermines hopes in Ukraine

Joining the EU only in decades Macron drastically undermines Ukraine’s hopes 05/09/2022, 18:09 Ukraine expects more security and support from EU membership. The admission procedure could be accelerated, but French President Macron is giving little hope. French President Emmanuel Macron has dampened hopes of Ukraine’s upcoming EU membership. The process could take “decades”, Macron said … Read more

Left forms of resistance: Macron promises a political reorientation

Forms of resistance from the left Macron promises a political reorientation 05/07/2022, 18:48 Emmanuel Macron, often decried as the “president of the rich”, says he wants to give new impetus to his second presidency. It’s about inclusion in schools, better access to the healthcare system and a more livable planet, especially for young people. String … Read more

German government skeptical: the new war objective is “victory in Ukraine”

skeptical government The new war objective is called “Victory of Ukraine” 05/07/2022, 5:46 p.m. The West wants to help Ukraine, but not everyone has the same goal in mind. Shortly after the attack, the focus was on defense, but now the US says kyiv must win the war. There are doubts within the federal government … Read more