Wall Street increases its losses: American investors remain very nervous

Wall Street extends its loss US investors remain very nervous 05/06/2022 22:24 The brief relief that followed the Fed’s interest rate announcement has completely faded. This weekend, skepticism reigns on Wall Street. The indices go up and down and remain under the spell of inflation fears. After the biggest daily loss since 2020 the previous … Read more

Fed Causes Wall Street Panic Selling – Nasdaq Loses a Good Five Percent

New York Dramatic change of mood on Wall Street. On Wednesday, after the US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting, the stock markets celebrated their best day since 2020. The selling panic then spread on Thursday. The Dow Jones Standard Values ​​Index fell 3.2% to 32,982 points on Thursday. The broader S&P 500 fell 3.6% to 4,146 … Read more

How big will the interest rate step be? : Doubts on the Fed – The Dow Jones falls by 1000 points

How big will the rate hike be? Doubts over the Fed – Dow drops 1000 points 05/05/2022, 8:08 p.m. US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Powell has expressly assured that the next interest rate hike will not be higher than recently. But there are doubts in the market. The indices are down sharply. Investor fears of … Read more

Relief after Fed decision: Wall Street sets off fireworks after interest rate hike

Relief after Fed decision Wall Street sets off fireworks after interest rate hike 04/05/2022 22:46 The Fed chief predicts a soft landing for the US economy. Although Powell has just announced a drastic rate hike, the relief on Wall Street is setting fireworks on prices. Early economists are already warning against too much euphoria. Wall … Read more