Don’t give Putin any pretext for further escalation

BSo far, strategic communication in the dispute with Russia has been one of the strengths of the US government. This originally referred to the release of intelligence on Moscow’s Hybrid War planning. The White House then decided to publicly document the Secret Service’s contribution to military aid to Ukraine as well. The difficulties of the … Read more

“The Kremlin still believes in success”: CIA boss does not doubt himself in Putin

“The Kremlin still believes in success” CIA chief doesn’t doubt himself in Putin 05/07/2022 22:32 While the British Secret Service sees Russian troops in their most modern units as massively weakened, CIA Director Burns sees no major sign of doubt from Kremlin boss Putin. It is different with the Chinese head of state Xi. According … Read more

War Day at a Glance: Russians Bomb Odessa – CIA Veterans Warn US Against Boasting

War Day at a Glance Russians Bomb Odessa – CIA Veterans Warn US Against Boasting 2022-07-05 20:58 Ahead of the military parade in Moscow, Russia stepped up rocket fire on Odessa, Kharkiv and the Sumy region. British intelligence, however, predicts heavy Russian casualties, while CIA veterans warn against bragging. Ukraine reports sinking an enemy landing … Read more