Bundeswehr budget: special funds in danger – domestic politics

Emergency call from the Deputy Inspector General of the German Armed Forces! ► On Monday, Markus Laubenthal (59) said during the hearing of experts on the so-called special assets of the Bundeswehr (100 billion euros in debt outside the official public treasury): “Special assets alone are not enough .” “immediate action”. BUT: “We need lasting … Read more

Legal opinion in progress: the union wants to withdraw the salary of Gazprom from Schröder

Current legal opinion Union wants to withdraw Schröder’s salary from Gazprom 08/05/2022, 7:45 p.m. Former Chancellor Schröder did not criticize his continued solidarity with the Kremlin for weeks. The SPD politician also does not want to give up his lucrative post at Gazprom. The Union faction is now offering to withhold his $1 million salary … Read more

“Will Outlast Time”: Habeck praises the “infinite energy” of the traffic light.

“Will stand the test of time” Habeck praises traffic light’s ‘infinite energy’ 03/05/2022, 09:58 PM The attack on Ukraine puts the governing skills of the traffic light coalition to the test. On the sidelines of the ministerial retreat, ministers Habeck and Lindner are convinced that they will master the crisis. Despite the current major risks … Read more