Brain remodeling: mother’s voice is processed differently in teens

brain in transition The mother’s voice is treated differently in adolescents May 9, 2022, 6:08 p.m. Communication with teenagers is often quite one-sided for parents and not always successful. Researchers are now discovering that this is not due to the stubbornness of children. Parents know this: they talk to their teenagers and feel like they … Read more

Brangelina insider unpacks: Brad Pitt on the ground! Mud fight for children – friends

He fights desperately for his children, but it may be in vain… In September 2016, the actress submitted Angelina Jolie (46 years old) divorced from Brad Pitt (58 years old) – before that, the two stars were THE dream couple in Hollywood. Her family of three adopted children and three biological children looked like something … Read more

Youth in crisis: “As much money as possible for the least work”

Nvel Iekle Puluue-Gllpe nup pel Gllea lu pel Vhlelue kepeu ple Inaeup lu Benlpekteup ueekketlla elpekellell. Vulel pel Gpelttoeke eluel alnuppoletlekeu lnaeuplvolpekeu Nntllepeukell kel plek elu pelloekltlekep PnpOeQ eu Uelnuplekelnua kelenpaepltpel. Bep lpl pep Blaepulp pel Ileupplnple “Inaeup lu Benlpekteup”. NvelOet lO Iekl elkepeu ple Inaeuptulpekel PlOuu Pekueleel nup Gtenp FnlletOeuu petel lu eluel leolopeulellueu … Read more

Jemima sings through ‘The Voice Kids’ 2022 finale

April 30, 2022 at 10:39 a.m. 15-year-olds from Wermelskirchen on “The Voice Kids” : Jemima sings her way to the final The decision in the sing-offs is made: your coach Lena Meyer-Landrut takes Jemima (2nd from left) to the final of “The Voce Kids”. Photo: Sat.1/André Kowalski Wermelskirchen The young singer from Wermelskirchen is one … Read more