Landau an der Isar: David Hasselhoff advertises the wine festival – Bavaria

Few 80s and 90s television icons epitomize heroism and failure quite like David Hasselhoff. As Michael Knight he saved the world from dark forces, as Mitch Buchannon he saved people from drowning. Some time later, when most of the money from the two American series “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” had run out and fame was … Read more

Seventh German Championship: 10:1! Wolves dethrone FC Bayern with fanfare

Seventh German Championship 10:1! Wolves dethrone FC Bayern with fanfare May 8, 2022, 5:55 p.m. It would have taken only one victory, but it will be a dismantling: VfL Wolfsburg overtakes Carl Zeiss Jena and secures the seventh German championship in the Women’s Football Bundesliga with a 10:1. There are eleven goalscorers in a remarkable … Read more

After the resignation of CSU General Secretary Mayer: Söder speaks of “human tragedy”

Resignation of the Secretary General Söder calls the Mayer case a “human tragedy” 05/04/2022, 16:00 CSU General Secretary Mayer resigned after threatening a journalist. Prime Minister Söder denounces the obvious behavior and speaks of an “indisputable style”. Mayer, however, admits a dispute with the representative of the press, but also announces legal steps himself. CSU … Read more

Replacement of May 1 on Sunday: Berlin wants to offer itself a catch-up vacation

Replaces May 1 on Sunday Berlin wants to treat itself to a catch-up vacation 04/30/2022, 5:24 p.m. May 1 falls on a Sunday this year. What might appeal to employers causes frustration for many employees. Die Linke wants to change this and is committed to ensuring that public holidays can be made up for. Labor … Read more