Volker Wissing wants to increase the premium to 10,800 euros

Berlin Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing plans to use massive subsidies to quickly persuade Germans to buy electric cars. This emerges from a government report in which several research institutes have evaluated the plan for an immediate climate protection programme. The report is available to the Handelsblatt. As a result, the FDP politician plans to … Read more

Bosch invests 500 million euros in green hydrogen

Stuttgart, Dusseldorf The war in Ukraine is disrupting supply chains, prices for raw materials are skyrocketing and the transition to electromobility is also becoming a financial achievement: in this difficult situation, Bosch boss Stefan Hartung has identified a new area of activity. The technology group will invest half a billion euros over the next eight … Read more

Volkswagen will buy semiconductors from Qualcomm in the future

Dusseldorf In the development of automated driving, Volkswagen has a long-term commitment to the American chip company Qualcomm. The automaker will use the specially developed “System-on-a-Chip” (SoC) for automated driving from 2026 across all brands worldwide. The Handelsblatt found out about it from business circles. Volkswagen declined to comment on the information. After BMW and … Read more