Ukraine-News +++ Austria warns Germany before changing course in gas embargo +++

DAustrian Economics Minister Margarete Schramböck has warned Germany not to consider a gas embargo. “We must not send any signals in the direction of the gas embargo if we know that we cannot maintain it – and neither we nor Germany will be able to maintain it,” said Schramböck of the Funke media group according … Read more

‘Will not hold’: Austria warns Germany against gas embargo

“I will not arrive there” Austria warns Germany against gas embargo 05/06/2022, 04:15 So far, neither the Germans nor the Austrians can do without Russian gas. The Austrian Minister of Economics therefore warns against the application of an import ban in the EU. In order to secure energy demand, it advocates the promotion of hydraulic … Read more

‘Putin can win the war,’ says Austria’s top military strategist

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‘Teacher who wants to teach’: Peter Pacult tackles Austria coach Rangnick

“Teacher who wants to teach” Peter Pacult attacks Austrian coach Rangnick 05/01/2022, 18:06 Ralf Rangnick has already fired coach Peter Pacult as RB Leipzig’s sporting director. Now the former Austrian Bundesliga coach is shooting against Rangnick because as a German he takes over the Austrian national team. Pacult also blasphemes Rangnick’s management style. Former Bundesliga … Read more