Fighting of defendants in Ukraine: Abandonment of the procedure for the attack on a luxury yacht

Defendant fights in Ukraine Charges dropped for attack on luxury yacht 09/05/2022, 8:20 p.m. According to its own statements, Ukraine carried out an attack on a Russian’s luxury yacht in Mallorca. He wants revenge for the invasion of his homeland. After being released, he flies to his native land to fight. Since then, he has … Read more

For fast arms deliveries: Biden signs WWII law

For fast arms deliveries Biden signs WWII legislation 05/09/2022 11:04 p.m. As in 1941, the USA wants to massively support the countries of Europe with weapons so that they can defend themselves against an aggressor. In 2022, however, it will be called Russia. US President Biden signs new version of Lend-Lease law on historic date. … Read more

EU membership only decades away: Macron drastically undermines hopes in Ukraine

Joining the EU only in decades Macron drastically undermines Ukraine’s hopes 05/09/2022, 18:09 Ukraine expects more security and support from EU membership. The admission procedure could be accelerated, but French President Macron is giving little hope. French President Emmanuel Macron has dampened hopes of Ukraine’s upcoming EU membership. The process could take “decades”, Macron said … Read more

Speculation about a series of murders: a Russian billionaire would have died at the hands of shamans

Speculation about a series of murders A Russian billionaire would have died at the home of shamans May 9, 2022, 2:01 p.m. Another former high-ranking Russian leader and energy tycoon dies mysteriously. Given the history of Russian state assassination attempts, there is speculation that President Vladimir Putin may be involved. But the dead were not … Read more

Thousands of demonstrators for Ukraine: pro-Russian processions pass through Cologne

Thousands of demonstrators for Ukraine Pro-Russian processions pass through Cologne 05/09/2022 04:56 On the 77th anniversary of liberation from National Socialism, hundreds drive through Cologne, waving the Russian flag and expressing their support for Russia. At the same time, many more participants are coming to the counter-demonstrations – and showing their solidarity with Ukraine. The … Read more

“Oil by other routes”: Habeck: Schwedt refinery can be saved

“Oil by Other Routes” Habeck: Schwedt refinery can be saved 05/09/2022 00:34 Although the Schwedt refinery is totally dependent on Russian oil, Economy Minister Habeck sees a future for the company. In the short term, oil from other countries should be the solution. In the long term, however, the Minister has other plans and speaks … Read more

Legal opinion in progress: the union wants to withdraw the salary of Gazprom from Schröder

Current legal opinion Union wants to withdraw Schröder’s salary from Gazprom 08/05/2022, 7:45 p.m. Former Chancellor Schröder did not criticize his continued solidarity with the Kremlin for weeks. The SPD politician also does not want to give up his lucrative post at Gazprom. The Union faction is now offering to withhold his $1 million salary … Read more

“We are threatened with the greatest famine”: the Minister of Development for the end of biofuels

“We are threatened with the greatest famine” Minister of Development for the end of biofuels 08/05/2022, 11:50 a.m. The use of biofuels is supposed to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions. But in the meantime, the fuel for the factories is very controversial – mainly due to rising prices due to the war in … Read more

“The Kremlin still believes in success”: CIA boss does not doubt himself in Putin

“The Kremlin still believes in success” CIA chief doesn’t doubt himself in Putin 05/07/2022 22:32 While the British Secret Service sees Russian troops in their most modern units as massively weakened, CIA Director Burns sees no major sign of doubt from Kremlin boss Putin. It is different with the Chinese head of state Xi. According … Read more

War Day at a Glance: Russians Bomb Odessa – CIA Veterans Warn US Against Boasting

War Day at a Glance Russians Bomb Odessa – CIA Veterans Warn US Against Boasting 2022-07-05 20:58 Ahead of the military parade in Moscow, Russia stepped up rocket fire on Odessa, Kharkiv and the Sumy region. British intelligence, however, predicts heavy Russian casualties, while CIA veterans warn against bragging. Ukraine reports sinking an enemy landing … Read more