Antisemitism: Muslims significantly more often agree with statements than non-Muslims

AAnti-Semitic stereotypes and resentments are much more prevalent among Muslims in Germany than among the average population. In addition, AfD voters significantly more often agree with anti-Semitic statements than voters from other parties. These are the results of a representative survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy on behalf of the American Jewish Committee … Read more

After Lavrov outrage: Israel says Putin apologizes for Hitler comparison

After the outrage in Lavrov Israel says Putin apologizes for Hitler comparison 05/05/2022, 7:43 p.m. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov provoked outrage in Israel by claiming that Hitler too had “Jewish blood”. In a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett, the Kremlin leader apparently apologized to Putin for his minister’s statements. After a row over … Read more

‘You can assume that’: Gil Ofarim buys into anti-Semitism charge

“You Can Assume” Gil Ofarim stands by his allegations of anti-Semitism 05/05/2022 15:03 Was Gil Ofarim insulted anti-Semitically in a Leipzig hotel in October? The investigators doubt it and have even filed a complaint for defamation and false suspicion against the musician. But Ofarim apparently sticks to his portrayal. Gil Ofarim has been silent since … Read more