War against Ukraine: paper generals and losses of Russia

Ten Russian generals are said to have fallen in the war against Ukraine. And even beyond that, the army apparently records significant losses. Is the Kremlin now planning a change of strategy? The Russian army is said to have already lost ten of its top generals involved in the war of aggression against Ukraine. It … Read more

Putin’s chief strategist threatens to destroy Britain with a nuclear tsunami

In prime time, Putin’s chief strategist, Dmitry Kiselyov, talks about “wiping Britain off the map” with a giant nuclear torpedo. What is the truth about the danger called “Poseidon”? “We could also sink Britain to the bottom of the sea with the Russian unmanned underwater vehicle ‘Poseidon’,” Dmitry Kiselyov told Russia’s state broadcaster ‘Rossiya1’ on … Read more

Ukraine reports destruction of Russian boats

Two Russian Navy ships were reportedly sunk near Snake Island. The Black Sea island has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance. Ukraine says it sank two Russian patrol boats near Snake Island in the Black Sea. The army destroyed the two “Raptor” boats with drones on Monday morning, the Defense Ministry in kyiv said. An … Read more

Russia complains about Ukrainian attacks

According to Moscow, the Ukrainian army repeatedly bombs targets on Russian territory. Ukraine, on the other hand, lays the blame – but they really have nothing against the incidents there. The outcry is great in Russia, because in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, their own territory would be slaughtered more and more frequently. … Read more

A Russian plane violates the airspace of Sweden and Denmark

On Friday evening, a Russian propeller plane entered Swedish and Danish airspace. Both states have announced diplomatic measures. Amid talks of Sweden’s possible NATO membership, a Russian reconnaissance plane entered the Scandinavian country’s airspace without permission. The Swedish Ministry of Defense spoke of a “completely unacceptable” incident. It also violated Danish airspace, Copenhagen – like … Read more

This is how heavy weapons come to the front

Ukraine’s Western partners are now significantly increasing their military aid. Heavy equipment must be provided in large numbers. Russia sharpens the tone and speaks of the “real” danger of a third world war. Photo series with 69 images The decision of the German government to ship heavy weapons from Germany to Ukraine is now followed … Read more

“We had a terrible plague – followed by the Covid”

For the first time in six years, the American president attends the traditional press gala in the American capital. He makes jokes about the style of government of his predecessor Trump and Putin. Jokes and serious talk by US President Joe Biden at the traditional Washington press gala dinner: Saturday night (local time) Biden poked … Read more