Simply third-rate: In the end, everyone played for 1860 – but not for 1860

They wanted to be party people, but in the end they were only sparring partners: during the frenzied championship celebrations of 1. FC Magdeburg, the Löwen’s last dreams of promotion were shattered. TSV 1860: the debacle grew as the game progressed “I believe we have seen a worthy master”, 1860 head coach Michael Köllner had … Read more

Promotional hope is alive: TSV 1860 can expect the most dramatic season finale in years

Munich – Just imagine the following scenario: on May 14, TSV 1860, most of whom (and yes, the media too) had already denounced the promotion race, welcome Borussia Dortmund II to the Grünwalder stadium and create with a victory of their own alone to make the leap to the place of relegation. Sounds too good … Read more

Direct promotion messed up? : The resounding abandonment of BVB in Kaiserslautern

Direct advancement missed? Memorable abandonment of BVB Kaiserslautern 05/01/2022 17:32 While Braunschweig have won five out of six games in the 3rd division since March, FC Kaiserslautern are showing nerves on the home stretch of the promotion battle. In front of nearly 50,000 supporters, the Red Devils, currently second in the table, lost to the … Read more