Intranasal insulin improves memory

pte20220503002 Medicine/Wellness, Research/Development Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center researchers with therapy for cognitive decline in the elderly Insulin spray: May improve memory in older people (Photo: Thorsten Frenzel, Boston/Cambridge (pte002/05/03/2022/06:05) – Insulin given by nasal spray improves verbal memory and therefore may be a promising treatment for cognitive decline in the elderly. That’s what … Read more

Prevent a heart attack with a new app – healing practice

HerzFit app: new digital aid for heart health The biological age of individual organs and the actual age of a person can sometimes differ significantly. This also applies to the heart. Now has become a new app developed with the heart age can be determined. The heart health digital assistant can help you prevent heart … Read more

How long to wait – and when it’s dangerous

Many people still feel weak and lack energy long after contracting the corona virus. Image: iStockphoto/Youngoldman Your questions – our answers Some lie flat for weeks, others only have a small cold: Corona disease can manifest itself extremely differently in each person. In Germany, there are currently around 1.6 million recovered Covid 19 patients – … Read more

Immune system: How to boost your immune system

05/01/2022 – 09:00 Wort & Bild Verlag – health reports Baierbrunn (ots) A finely balanced system of immune cells and messenger substances ensures that we are not exposed helplessly to pathogens. What we can do for our immune system. Our body must constantly attacks by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens, which we usually defeat … Read more