Werder Bremen: “They want to crush our party” – voice over game Aue

Aue – SV Werder Bremen struggled for a long time at FC Erzgebirge Aue before Marco Friedl came in to make it 1-0 in the 49th minute. As a result, Werder came into the game better and, after more goals from Niclas Füllkrug and Niklas Schmidt, eventually won 3–0. Now Werder are just one point short on the last day of the game against Jahn Regensburg to make the promotion perfect – the votes for the victory in Aue from Werder coach Ole Werner, the goalscorer and Co..

Ole Werner (SV Werder Bremen coach): “We knew in advance that it would be a test of patience and not easy against a team that wanted revenge last weekend (0-6 against Darmstadt 98, editor’s note). We still lacked a bit of clarity in the first half. And we had one or two technical errors that made life difficult for us. We did much better in the second half but needed a 1-0 lead after a corner to set the course today.

Werner on the promotion final against Jahn Regensburg: “Now we only look at ourselves, nothing left, nothing right. We will see that we can play against Regensburg – that’s what it’s about now. Today was a game who gave us three points and now it’s about improving against Regensburg. We still need something.”

Werder Bremen: ‘We found it difficult in the first half’ – votes for victory at Erzgebirge Aue

Marco Friedl (Werder scorer to make it 1-0): “We struggled a lot in the first half. At half-time we said we had to push ourselves harder – and we did. We had better control of the game after the goal and we had a lot of chances, but not all of us played well. The main thing is that the victory is deserved. Starting tomorrow, we will start by focusing on Regensburg. We have invested a lot this season to have this chance. We must not miss it now. Focus on Regensburg! We will throw everything possible! We must deliver.

Leonardo Bittencourt (preparation of 1-0 for Werder): “It was very important. Now we have one more home game, we want to win it and we will be first class again. We didn’t play a good first half today, we tackled things during the break and we did better in the second half. Aue made it difficult for us and played a bit liberated. After the can opener, our game improved. In the end, we deserved to win. A can opener is always nice, in the end I don’t care if I’m involved or not. Even if you are always judged by the numbers you write. But I’m a team player and I tried to push the team forward. I didn’t manage that against Kiel last week, but I think I played very well on the pitch today. In the end, only the team counts. We have three points, I don’t care about the rest.”

Bittencourt on the upcoming match against Regensburg: “Once you have it in your hands, you don’t have to hope anymore. We have now created the starting position for ourselves. We have it in our hands. It will still be hard work, Regensburg n There’s nothing to lose, but of course we’re playing at home – we want to score three points there.

Werder Bremen have already focused on the promotion final against Jahn Regensburg: The votes for the game against Erzgebirge Aue

Niclas Füllkrug (Scorer for Werder Bremen to make it 2-0): “We went straight after the 1-0 lead. Score a goal, move on – score the next goal. That has to be our claim in this league, that has to be our mindset. We got it. underlined this week and we applied it very well today: we waited until 1-0. We should have scored a goal earlier, but sometimes you need a situation like that. We weren’t as sure of the ball as usual today, myself included, so it was strong that Marco (Friedl, d. Red), Leo (Leonardo Bittencourt) and Mitch (Mitchell Weiser) initiated the goal with two defensive players. After that, we were a little freer and we had more rooms. And then I just took the ball and did it myself. We didn’t give the ball a whole lot. back, so you still have a good chance of winning the match.”

Füllkrug on the last home game against Regensburg: “We should all believe in it, so it will be a great day – at least I hope so. But we will first regenerate ourselves professionally, in order to be in top form for the next week and not let anything wear out.”

Werder Bremen: The votes for victory against Erzgebirge Aue by Ole Werner, Marco Friedl and Co.

Niklas Schmidt (scored for Werder Bremen to make it 3-0): “I care a lot about this club and we try to achieve our goal with everything we have. Some might say it like that, but I don’t care who scores the goals. I really want to get up with this club and if I can do my part: perfect. I’m happy for the fans that we won the game, but nothing is decided yet. The Regensburgers will just come and say: Hey, you can win the game. It’s still going to be work Nothing is easy in the league, the people of Regensburg will do everything to crash our party.

Frank Baumann (sporting director of Werder): “I’m happy that we won today. It was clear that patience was needed. We didn’t play our best game, but it’s important to win your games at this stage.”

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