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TV star Ruth Maria Kubitschek (90) moved five weeks ago. From the Swiss municipality of Fruthwilen on Lake Constance to the former fishing village of Ascona with its brightly colored houses and Mediterranean climate on Lake Maggiore in the Italian part of Switzerland.

“I love the Italian language, unfortunately I don’t know a word of Italian, I have absolutely no talent when it comes to languages,” Ruth Maria Kubitschek tells BILD am SONNTAG. “Here, all the waiters speak German. Otherwise, sign language works.

It’s a three-and-a-half-hour drive from the old house, where the popular actress was happy for 30 years, to the smaller but more comfortable new home.

Kubitschek in his new apartment in Ascona.  She painted the pictures on the wall herselfFoto: Paul Schirnhofer

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Kubitschek in his new apartment in Ascona. She painted the pictures on the wall herselfPhoto: Paul Schirnhofer

On Lake Constance she lived in two apartments (280 square meters together) with a huge garden (4000 square meters), a real estate agent is currently looking for buyers.

In January she found an apartment (120 square meters) with a loggia on Lake Maggiore. In the middle of the historic center of the Borgo village, with winding streets, galleries, ice cream parlours. The lake promenade is five minutes away. His only son, the musician Alexander Friedrich (65), participated in its creation. A mix of bright fabrics, antique furniture, self-painted images and Buddha figures.

Instead of 280, she now lives on 120 square metersFoto: Paul Schirnhofer

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Instead of 280, Ruth Maria Kubitschek now lives on 120 square metersPhoto: Paul Schirnhofer

From the living room office, the “Kubi” (as she called her deceased partner, ZDF producer “Traumschiff” Wolfgang Rademann, † 81) gazes at palm trees and pink bougainvillea, from the loggia and meditation room she sees cypresses and beautifully blooming hydrangeas. “Isn’t that lovely?” She beams. “I can look at this splendor of plants, but I no longer have to take care of the garden myself. What a huge relief. »

BILD am SONNTAG: You deliberately withdrew from the public scene and gave no more interviews.

Ruth Maria Kubitschek: “Yes. For almost six years. This conversation with you is also the only one I will have because we have known each other so well for so long. After Wolfgang left in January 2016, I needed this calm. Also this loneliness. I retreated to my cave, barely wanting to see people. His death took me away. Wolfgang was much more present and bigger in my life than I cared to admit in our forty years together. Then , last fall, it crossed my mind: everything is fine, but without any contact with the outside… something is missing.

The actress still enjoys painting watercolorsFoto: Paul Schirnhofer

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The actress still enjoys painting watercolorsPhoto: Paul Schirnhofer

At some point, everything is thought out, everything is worked on. Suddenly he didn’t feel good being alone. Life is being with people. I drove to my favorite place, a small church on the island of Reichenau, sitting on a pew. An inner voice, maybe it was my guardian angels, told me: life as such is a revelation, you don’t have to do anything special except live. I thought, if so, then I have nothing to do – except live. I have decided to relinquish any responsibility to sell my property.

1988: Ruth Maria Kubitschek as brewery owner Margot Balbeck in the hit series Foto: picture-alliance / dpa

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1988: Ruth Maria Kubitschek as brewery owner Margot Balbeck in the hit series “The Legacy of the Guldenburgs”Photo: photo alliance / dpa

Letting go is an art.

Kubitschek: “I miss Wolfgang’s happiness, his cheeky ways. He was a constant in my life. I don’t miss my big apartments at all. It was here that I found the strength to say goodbye to my ‘Garden of Aphrodite.” I couldn’t make it back through the Lake Constance garden. Only here in Ascona could I really cry. So it was good. My son still lives in the house on the shore from Lake Constance, as does my girlfriend Heidi. She keeps everything in good condition until there is a new owner. I wanted to get my things in order so that my son does not have to take care of it after I die. A lot has accumulated over time. When I leave the earth, I want to do it without baggage, without possession.

From 1976 until her death in 2016, Ruth Maria Kubitschek dated TV producer Wolfgang RademannFoto: picture alliance / dpa

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From 1976 until her death in 2016, Ruth Maria Kubitschek dated TV producer Wolfgang RademannPhoto: photo alliance / dpa

Why Ascona?

Kubitschek: “I came here very often with Wolfgang. By the lake in Lugano, at the hotel ‘Villa Principe’ or at Peter Alexander. Wolfgang was very fond of Ticino. He would have moved here with me very easily. After he died, I had to be here five times, looking for a nursing home. But it wasn’t for me. In January, a friend invited me to Ascona, she lives a few blocks from my new apartment. I went to see her with the decision to look for an apartment. It was a coincidence that I walked past this house every day. A sign indicated that an apartment was for rent. I called, the next day I went with three women to see him and I was delighted. The move took place on April 2. Now I’m back in the middle of life, enjoying it.”

You look fantastic. Tanned, slim, in the best of moods.

Kubitschek: “The sun and the mild climate do me good. I go for a walk every day. I’ve been using the cane since I got a new hip in 2017. I eat spaghetti and ice cream almost every day. Despite this, I have lost three kilos since April. I became lighter in the truest sense of the word. It’s a great feeling to be able to put my life in order.”

Ruth Maria Kubitschek (left) with BILD am Sonntag journalist Tanja MayFoto: Paul Schirnhofer

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Ruth Maria Kubitschek (left) with BILD am SONNTAG journalist Tanja MayPhoto: Paul Schirnhofer

What have you done with all your stuff?

Kubitschek: “Given and thrown away. In front of the house on Lake Constance there was a container full to the brim. My journals, which I once considered the basis of my biography, were downstairs. I felt bad for wanting to take her out again. But that was no longer possible. Now I have started writing again. My son and his partner often come to visit me on weekends. They also really like the area here now.

Are you still driving your white Volvo?

Kubitschek: “The first time Alex came out of my underground car park and into the narrow alley in front of the house, he said I shouldn’t try that. The car is way too big, I’d hit the wall with it. Me. I’m toying with the idea of ​​getting one of those three-wheeled Vespa scooters that a lot of people ride around here. They’re great for the old town. Or a very small car.

TV star Ruth Maria Kubitschek (90): Why this is my last interview
Photo: BILD

You celebrate your 91st birthday on August 2. Congratulations on your bravery!

Kubitschek: “The first few nights I rented the new apartment, I lay awake at night thinking: Ruth, you’re crazy. Turning 90! If anything happens to you! Alex wasn’t at all I was excited about my decision at first either. But I knew I wasn’t going to die anytime soon. A fortune teller prophesied to me many years ago that I would live to be at least 94 years old. live something. Thanks to my meditation, which I have been practicing for forty years, I feel that I have an inner strength different from that of others my age.”

Always a beautiful woman: Ruth Maria Kubitschek (then 37) in 1968 in her dressing room at the Munich KammerspieleFoto: picture alliance / Georg Göbel

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Always a beautiful woman: Ruth Maria Kubitschek (then 37) in 1968 in her dressing room at the Munich KammerspielePhoto: picture alliance / Georg Göbel

Who is there for you in Ascona in case of an emergency?

Kubitschek: “Girlfriends, my housekeeper. There is also an association that takes care of the elderly. You get an emergency button. If you press it, a nurse will come by immediately. Employees of the association have a key apartment. My life is full of life again. Recently, I was sitting by the lake with friends my whole age, drinking ‘Hugo’. A young woman came to talk to us. She thought that we were great. When she recognized me, she asked for a selfie. I refused. The only thing I don’t do is take selfies. I wrote her a dedication on a piece of paper She said I’m now her role model because at 90 I’m so happy and I seem to still have all my senses. It’s never too late, you can always start over. Until the last moment, the life is synonymous with development. And if I have to go there at some point, I am sure to leave this world happy.”

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