Tofuwust, Veggie-Burger & Co.: meat substitutes are on the rise in Germany

Status: 09/05/2022 12:05 p.m.

The market for vegetarian or vegan meat alternatives in Germany is growing. Manufacturers are producing significantly more such products than a year ago. The number of companies is also increasing.

In 2021, German companies produced 97,900 tonnes of meat substitutes, almost 17% more than a year earlier. The Federal Statistical Office announced this via Twitter, among other things. Compared to 2019, production even increased by 62.2%.

More and more producers of meat substitutes

And there was also a big financial plus: the value of vegetarian and vegan products increased by 22.2% to 458.2 million euros last year. At the same time, the number of companies producing in Germany increased from 34 to 44.

Falling value of meat products

And yet, the increase in value of these meat substitutes is “relatively small” compared to meat products, the statisticians point out. The value of meat and meat products produced in Germany was €35.6 billion in 2021, around 80 times the value of substitute products.

However, since 2019 – for the second consecutive year – there has been a decline in the value of meat products: in 2021, the minus was 7.8%.

Germans eat less meat

In Germany, people are eating less and less meat lately: according to the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food, consumption per capita was 55 kilograms per capita last year. This is a 12% drop from 2011 and the lowest since records began in 1989.

The data foundation

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the value of production intended for sale is based on what has been achieved during the reference period or could be achieved at the time of sale. Ex-factory selling price calculated – the value of sales. This value also includes the cost of packaging, even if it is invoiced separately.

On the other hand, the value added tax and consumption tax invoiced as well as the transport costs and discounts invoiced separately are not included.

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