Tinkerer builds a real aimbot that aims better than professionals

Roboticist Kamal Carter has presented his latest invention on YouTube: a robot that automatically moves a gaming mouse and shoots targets in shooters. In fact, this literal aimbot is so good that it beats many competitive Valorant pros.

Kamal Carter has a relatively small YouTube channel with currently just under 1,000 subscribers. But in some gaming circles, he’s currently getting a lot of attention.

Because Carter literally built an aimbot that shoots his opponents for him in shooters. Or, as Carter himself put it: “I built a robot that scans pixels and uses on-screen colors to target targets.”

However, the intention here was not to discover a better way to cheat. “It’s fun to build a robot.”

Hardware Aimbot has no issues with anti-cheat software

Where out-of-the-box cheat aimbots consist of software that scans the screen for enemies, then aims and shoots for you, Carter has built a bot that actually moves the mouse across the table.

“So I’m less likely to be detected by anti-cheat software because the mouse is hardware that moves on its own.”

You can see the development process and in-game achievements here:

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How does the bot work? The design of the aiming robot is both very simple and very complex. He worked on this robot for “2 long tedious months”.

Carter built a sort of motorized picture frame around a Logitech mouse. With 4 wheels that can move in all directions, the mouse can be controlled in any way. This process is then automated with sensors that examine its screen for a specific pixel color. To do this, he wired the mouse to click as soon as the sensor detects a target.

Robot aims better than many professionals, but has its limits

Carter then had this robot fire at targets in the Aim Labs aiming practice game. Here, players can not only practice their shooting skills in a virtual shooting gallery, but also compete indirectly with high scores on a leaderboard.

In the Aim scenario he chooses, an average player can score around 40-50,000 points, Valorant pros even score between 80-100,000.

Carter could do better with the robot. His best “Aim Lab” score is 118,494, so he was able to easily beat many professionals.

His ambition was aroused to beat shooter legend TenZ’s high score. This Valorant pro and Twitch streamer has an incredible score of 146,902 (via Aimlab).

But this record was too big even for the robot. One of the aiming machine’s motors broke while Carter continued to tweak the robot.

In YouTube comments, viewers are enthusiastic. The technical implementation in particular amazes connoisseurs. Many commentators are convinced that Carter can break TenZ’s record if he fixes the robot again.

But the roboticist receives criticism for the mouse. Logitech’s old little desktop mouse is head-shaking: “Please give the robot a better mouse. You’re holding it back.”

If he heeds this advice, Carter might be able to use one of these mice next time:

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