Starlink Internet becomes portable for 25 euros more per month >

In Ukraine, the Starlink satellite Internet service set up by SpaceX is providing significant help: shortly after the start of the Russian attacks, the boss of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, brought the first terminals to the country. with Powerwall batteries, where they were used by the military how the civilian population can be used. There are said to be over 10,000 Starlink kits in Ukraine so far. There, SpaceX has also freed up use at any location instead of just being around a fixed address, as is the case with regular customers. And this extension of the Starlink service is now available to everyone for a fee.

25 euros more for the portable Starlink

This can be found in the support information on the Starlink website, which recently mentions and explains a “portability feature”. For an additional 25 euros per month in Europe, you can add them to the Internet service, which costs 99 euros per month. Recently, Starlink also introduced a commercial variant with a bigger receiver and more bandwidth for $499 per month in the US. In Germany, it was shown not yet available in samples with several addresses this week.

On the other hand, the option to reserve portability was already visible on the German Starlink site, with the specific price obviously only if you have an account there. Normally, each client must specify a fixed service address for the service it is to be used for. Anyone who moves will continue to receive the service if it is available at the new address. However, Starlink points out that it may not be possible to return afterwards as new customers have taken the place of the old location. After all, just like Tesla, the company has far more demand than it can satisfy in the short term.

Mobile Internet via satellite?

However, existing customers now also benefit from the pay-to-go option, which, depending on the circumstances, should make satellite Internet even more attractive. So far, it’s mostly been worth it to users who otherwise can’t get fast Internet access for their home or office via phone, cable TV, or mobile communications. For everyone else, however, Starlink is relatively expensive with at least 99 euros per month in Europe. But if for a relatively low premium it became possible to use it across an entire continent (the map above shows current European coverage), this calculation could change significantly.

According to tests, even mobile use of Starlink is possible. Hawaiian Airlines, the first major airline, recently announced that its passengers will be able to use satellite internet starting this year, and SpaceX itself requested the installation of Starlink technology in vehicles and planes a year. However, this is not intended for Tesla’s electric cars as they are far too bulky, CEO Musk commented at the time,

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