Simply third-rate: In the end, everyone played for 1860 – but not for 1860

They wanted to be party people, but in the end they were only sparring partners: during the frenzied championship celebrations of 1. FC Magdeburg, the Löwen’s last dreams of promotion were shattered.

TSV 1860: the debacle grew as the game progressed

“I believe we have seen a worthy master”, 1860 head coach Michael Köllner had to admit after the 4-0 defeat against the leaders of the Third Division and admit the Sixty’s play and above all the inadequate transition situations: “We didn’t do a good job work.” Until shortly after the break, 1860 managed to open the uneven clash with difficulty, but as the game progressed the debacle inevitably took its course.

While there was no doubt about Magdeburg’s dominance and deserved championship, Captain Stefan Lex said: “They were the only team that was clearly better than us in both games.”

Sixty’s captain isn’t entirely wrong, that the Blues, with the exception of the exceptional Magdeburg kicker Baris Atik, had not been eliminated by anyone.

Seasonal performance of TSV 1860 not enough for promotion

But: The simple 2-1 victory against 1. FC Kaiserslautern as the only victory against one of the “big boys” of the league is not enough to finally wrap up the return to the second division. Curious: in the promotion race, everyone played for 1860 (Brunswick and Kaiserslautern also failed at the weekend) – only 1860 did not!

Lions – they are and remain simply third-rate.

In an evaluation of the result, opinions diverged then properly apart. “0-4 is definitely too high, but Magdeburg has its quality, we have to accept that,” Lex said. Well: even if the last two goals conceded were only conceded in added time, especially the extremely strong Baris Atik would have had earlier can score two or three more goals, if not obliged.

One last victory is needed for 1860 – for the DFB Cup

Top scorer Marcel Bär was left without a goal before the presentation of the Magdeburg championship trophy, Competitor Atik again caught the striker to six points. Because the German-Turk will miss the last match of the season, Bär can still secure the (only) top scorer cannon.

But much more important: Sixty (58 points) are under pressure due to VfL Osnabrück (58)’s 1-0 win at Havelse and Waldhof Mannheim’s draw against Wehen Wiesbaden (1-1) for fourth place in the table and qualification for the DFB Cup to ensure. On the last day of the match, a victory against Borussia Dortmund II (Saturday, 1:30 p.m.) is essential.

Coach and sports manager: Michael Köllner (left) and Günther Gorenzel

Cup to TSV 1860 as last goal: So much money against Borussia…


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Disappointed faces at TSV 1860 after the defeat in Magdeburg.

TSV 1860: “Of course it hurts” – Hanging lion’s heads after missing out on relegation


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Michael Köllner wants to keep fourth place with his lions.

The competition scores: TSV 1860 is now in fourth place


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And the blue ones after that? Köllner had recently left his future open and demanded a prospect so that such rebuffs against ambitious relegated sides such as FC Ingolstadt, Erzgebirge Aue and perhaps Dynamo Dresden would not happen again in the future.

“Köllner is the right coach for the right club”

Chairman Robert Reisinger made it clear in “Merkur”: “Michael Köllner has a contract and I assume he will fulfill it. Not only do I hope so, I even assume so, because he is the right coach for the good club.”

That Reisinger already with Köllner, who discussed sixty possibilities in a meeting with finance boss Marc-Nicolai Pfeifer and sporting director Günther Gorenzel last week?

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