Should Red Bull slow down the pace of development?


Should Red Bull slow down the pace of development?

Verstappen has won the last two races, Leclerc’s lead in the world championship has shrunk to 19 points. But Ferrari is not concerned about it (yet), underlines Mattia Binotto.

The team boss explains that Red Bull recently made several updates and gained “a few tenths” as a result. In this context, he recalled the budget ceiling.

“At some point, Red Bull will have to stop development,” he said. Because financially it is not possible to maintain this rhythm. Ferrari, on the other hand, has so far only brought very manageable updates.

The first larger package would be in Spain. The balance of power could then shift again…



In this video, you can review Verstappen’s – admittedly good – start. But my personal hero is the fan that can be seen next. This is how the excitement of Formula 1 in Miami works!

If I could watch it all day…

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Norris: McLaren behind Alfa Romeo

McLaren is still in P4 of the World Championship. However, yesterday was the first time since leaving Bahrain that they left empty-handed. According to Norris, the pace is currently behind Alfa Romeo.

“We are in a good fight with Alpine and AlphaTauri,” he said. Haas is also present. “It’s tight,” said Norris, who currently sees McLaren in fifth or sixth place in terms of performance.

“I think we have a decent pace,” he said. However, it takes ‘a bit more’ to be able to fight with Mercedes and the other teams up front.


Why didn’t Ferrari make a second pit stop?

Only Perez from the leading group stopped at the safety car. Why didn’t Ferrari take the opportunity to put in new tyres? “We thought that a used tire would be better than a new one during the warm-up,” explained Mattia Binotto.

“We thought it was our best chance to attack in the early laps. [nach dem Restart]“, explains the boss of the team and recalls:” This is exactly what happened. I think Charles had the best opportunity right after the restart. He was certainly close at this point.”

In the end, the leading group remained unchanged even after the safety car.


Only in America…

When it comes to shows, Miami certainly left nothing out this weekend. For many Formula 1 fans, however, the showmanship has gone a bit too far. The thing is, you won’t see scenes like this anywhere else on the F1 calendar…


Verstappen equalizes with Rosberg

The Dutchman clinched his 23rd Formula 1 victory yesterday, leveling with Nelson Piquet and Nico Rosberg. That means P12 in the premier class all-time best list.

In terms of podiums, Verstappen has already reached the top 10. Here he now has 63, one more than David Coulthard. And he’s only 24! So there is no end in sight…


Albon catch-up king

The Williams driver managed to catch up yesterday. “[Im Rennen] we found the rhythm that I knew we had all weekend”, he rejoiced after 9th place.

In qualifying you were beaten under value, but in the race the car performed well. “So it was possible to overtake and we made good progress,” he said.

You were also “lucky” because the race was a bit chaotic towards the end. “But the most important thing is that we were able to take advantage of these opportunities,” he explains.


Mercedes: P5/P6 “the best possible result”

“The car looked promising on Friday with low and high fuel, so it’s disappointing to see the gap to the front wasn’t smaller today,” said Andrew Shovlin after the race. .

“We got the best possible result today,” he said after finishing 5th and 6th. And you even got lucky with the safety car. “But maybe we can get something out of it,” he thinks.

“However, we are under no illusions that if we are going to challenge Red Bull or Ferrari in any way, we have to close the gap in lap times over the next few weeks,” Shovlin said.

In the World Cup, Ferrari and Red Bull are slowly moving away.

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The most important for Sunday…

… we have also summarized compactly in this photo series. The fastest way to get up to speed!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Miami: The most important thing about Sunday


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