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There are many rumors about Putin’s lover Alina Kabaeva (38). But the latest news on the long-term affair of the Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin (69) goes beyond the frame: Kabaeva would be pregnant!

The famous former gymnast is believed to have at least two sons with Putin – the first child she reportedly gave birth to in 2015 at the Ticino clinic Sant’Anna in Switzerland. She gave birth to her second son in Moscow in 2019.

But it wasn’t until Sunday that Putin reportedly found out that Kabaeva was pregnant again. This was reported by the British “Sun”, citing the Russian media “General SVR”.

Accordingly, the Russian dictator is fully engaged in the preparations for the Victory Day military parade stuck in Red Square when he learned that his beloved was expecting a child. According to the report, Putin had no idea, he was “surprised” and “angry”.

“Generel SVR” writes: “Putin found out that his lover is pregnant again – and it seems that it was not planned.” The Kremlin tyrant was angry because he didn’t want another message saying that the Protz parade might eclipse.

Kabaeva herself is almost as well known in Russia as Putin: she has won everything in her discipline, is multiple Russian champion, Olympic champion, European champion and world champion.

Putin pays tribute to record-breaking gymnast Kabaeva in Moscow in June 2001Foto: SERGEI CHIRIKOV/AFP/Getty Images

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Putin pays tribute to record-breaking gymnast Kabaeva in Moscow in June 2001Photo: SERGEI CHIRIKOV/AFP/Getty Images

Kabaeva (right) performing in Moscow at the end of AprilFoto: Darya Isaeva/east2west news

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Kabaeva (right) performing in Moscow at the end of April Photo: Darya Isaeva/east2west news

Putin never admitted to the relationship with Kabaeva, who was said to have been hiding in Switzerland for years. Rumors about the great love between the dictator and the athlete have been circulating since the mid-2000s. At that time, however, Putin was still married to his ex-wife Lyudmila (divorced in 2014).

The fact that Kabaeva is increasingly in the public eye has something to do with Putin’s propaganda. It was thought that she was long gone, but at the end of April she made her first public appearance in years: at the “Alina Festival” in Moscow, which bears her name, she posed in front of the famous Russian “Symbol Z” – synonymous with Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

Without a doubt: The ex-athlete is on behalf of the Kremlin to bring propaganda into society. Whether the report of her pregnancy is actually true or just to distract from other things remains – for now – open…

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