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Putin’s chic parade in Red Square was expected on Victory Day over Nazi Germany – THE party in Putin’s land! But it got scary. For the despot!

Kremlin Potentate Vladimir Putin (69) delivered a spectacle of bankruptcy: parade without victory!

Particularly troublesome: During the parade, which had already halved, the Luftwaffe remained on the ground: Because the “Flying Kremlin”, Putin’s air command center, was deemed defective.

The central plane of the airshow, where fighters, bombers and other military aircraft were supposed to form the Z war in the sky, was missing. So: rejection.

A few minutes before the start of the parade, the Kremlin canceled the air show.  Supposedly due to bad weather.  The real reason, according to insiders: Putin's 'doomsday jet', an Ilyushin Il-80 that was used by GenFoto: TATYANA MAKEYEVA/REUTERS

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A few minutes before the start of the parade, the Kremlin canceled the air show. Supposedly due to bad weather. The real reason, insiders say: Putin’s ‘doomsday jet’, an Ilyushin Il-80, which flew over Moscow during dress rehearsal, reportedly had technical problemsPhoto: TATYANA MAKEYEVA/REUTERS

Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin surrounded by military personnel on 'Victory Day'Foto: Anton Novoderezhkin/AP

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Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin surrounded by military personnel on ‘Victory Day’Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin/AP

The Red Square Bankruptcy Show – it matches Putin’s war record so far:


At least 12 Russian generals were killed at the front, the Chief of the General Staff was injured, according to Ukrainian data, 25,000 Russian soldiers were killed, thousands of tanks and other vehicles were destroyed, 12 ships including the Moscow flagship were sunk, 350 helicopters and planes shot down. Added to this are thousands and thousands of injured.

Struck: Defense Minister Sergei Schoigu (66) leaves the paradeFoto: MAXIM SHEMETOV/REUTERS

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Struck: Defense Minister Sergei Schoigu (66) leaves the paradePhoto: MAXIM SHEMETOV/REUTERS


According to estimates, the Russian economy will collapse by 15% in 2022. Almost all Western companies and investors have pulled out and factories have closed. Aviation is on the verge of collapse due to a lack of spare parts and maintenance from the West. And: China waits, relying on a weakened Russia that can be kept on a leash.


Russia can only count on partners like Iran, Syria and Venezuela. China and India are still studying the situation. The Saudis rejoice at the high price of oil. But that was all with Russia’s friends.

United adversaries

Putin had counted on the indecision of the West and on fragile candidates like Germany. Instead, NATO and the West are united as never before – against Moscow.

war bankruptcy

Even after 74 days, Putin has not achieved a war goal: he has not been able to depose the leadership in Kyiv – on the contrary: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj (44) has become a world star. kyiv was not taken, not Kharkiv, not even the port city of Mariupol completely.

Red carnations: Putin goes to bed at the Memorial of the Unknown SolFoto: SPUTNIK/via REUTERS

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Red carnations: Putin lays flowers at the memorial of the unknown soldierPhoto: SPUTNIK/via REUTERS

Putin even had to shyly swear to his Russians on mini-objectives: instead of destroying Ukraine, as declared at the start of the war on February 24, it is now about “security in the Donbass”…

Splendid Poutine – his super tank only drives during parades

The BTR “Boomerang” has been taking part in Russian parades since 2015. Even today, seven years later, not a single copy is operational. The driving killer drone “Uran-9” has been officially in service with the Russian army since 2016. But their only “battle tank” remains Putin’s chic parade.

The BTR Foto: action press

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The BTR “Boomerang” (left) and the flying killer drone “Uran-9” (right)Photo: Action Press

Since 2015, the Foto: IMAGO/SNA

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Since 2015, “Putin’s super tank” T-14 has been marching in the Protz parade on “Victory Day”. It was never used in wartime. “Technically not mature”, doubt the expertsPhoto: IMAGO/SNA

Putin’s Embarrassing Victory Day Speech

Not a victory speech!

In his ‘Victory Day’ speech on Nazi Germany, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin (69) did not announce an extension of the war against Nazi Germany, as many feared Ukraine to. He also gave no timetable in which the Russian campaign against the western neighbor is expected to be completed. Strange too: the word “Ukraine” never crossed his lips.

► Instead, Putin justified the invasion as an act of self-defense: the West, Putin said, had prepared “the invasion of our country, including Crimea”. Russia’s war of aggression was therefore “the only right decision” for a “sovereign, strong and independent country”.

The German government immediately rejected Putin’s justification for the invasion: the reference to an alleged threat from the West and NATO was “baseless”.

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