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Also because of YOU might dictator Vladimir Putin (69) to “Victory Day” had a lot of frustration.

One of Russia’s leading news sites published a brief harsh critique of the war on Monday – and called for the Kremlin tyrant to leave.

One of the approximately 40 articles published on “” was titled: “Putin must go. He started a senseless war and drove Russia into the abyss.

And the everyday one on the day of the Russian military parade!

Meanwhile, the texts are offline again, in web archive but still available. All messages began with the remark that they were not coordinated with the management of the media.

“Putin must go.  He started a senseless war and drove Russia into the abyss.Foto:

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A screenshot of the archived homepage. The article on the left and the one on the top right are titled: “Putin must leave. He started a senseless war and drove Russia into the abyss.”Photo:

And: The articles also contained Ukrainian data on the losses of Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian war! In fact, the Russian population is fiercely immune to these numbers.

At first there were suspicions on the internet that it might be a hacker attack. But then the former head of the economics department, Yegor Polyakov, and his colleague Alexandra “Sasha” Miroshnikova accepted the courageous protest.

A statement from Polyakov said: “It was a conscious decision that Sasha and I made a long time ago. (…) We let ourselves be guided mainly by our conscience.

The reporter continued, “I believe that all opponents of war must unite now, regardless of their views.”

Since independent media can no longer be called in Russia without alternative Internet access, he and his colleague decided to use Lenta’s reach, Polyakov says.

Initially, nothing was known about the possible legal consequences of the action. In Russia, alleged “fake news” about the Russian armed forces carries severe penalties. But they should be fired from their jobs, Polyakov said.

The protest by the two editors recalls journalist Marina Ovsyannikova (43), who was previously loyal to the line, who ended up in the main news program of Russian state television shortly after the attack on Russia against Ukraine a few weeks ago with an anti-war poster.

Another incident on Russian television

In addition, criticism of the war was also read on Russian television on Monday. “Your hands are full of the blood of thousands of dead Ukrainians and children,” he said.

Even the names of TV channels were reportedly displayed as “blood is on your hands”. Behind this incident were obviously hackers.

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