Roland Kaiser: Daughter Annalena: “I’m kind of a reincarnation of him”

Roland Kaiser (69) has filled the stadiums with his concerts for many years. His fans have remained loyal to him since the 80s. On May 10, the hit star will turn 70 and celebrate his milestone birthday with a big birthday tour with his loyal fans – of course, he’s not only got the hit “Santa Maria”, with which he made his breakthrough at the time, but also his new 28th studio album “Perspectives” in the luggage.

For those who just can’t wait for his gigs, there’s an MDR documentary about the pop singer that celebrates Roland Kaiser’s career and honor day. In “Legends – The Roland Kaiser Story”, viewers get a rather private glimpse into the life of the star. Even his daughter Annalena (22), who otherwise tends to stay away from the public eye about her famous father, is speaking up – and talking about the special father-daughter relationship between the two.

The successful star rarely gives private previews. Fans are all the happier that he shares a snapshot. Just like the couple photo of him and his wife Silvia, which you can see in the video above!

Roland Kaiser’s daughter on her father: “We are one heart and one soul”

Not much is known about Roland Kaiser’s children. It is however known that he has a son named Hendrik with his second wife Anja Schuete and two other children with his third wife Silvia: his daughter Annalena and his son Jan (25). In the documentary about the pop star, in addition to important companions of the pop singer, such as Maite Kelly, Barbara Schöneberger, Ireen Sheer or Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, her younger sister also speaks in more detail about her for the first times in front of the camera. Anyone who thinks that due to his advanced age there is no real connection between the two can be wrong – and huge: “We are one heart and one soul,” the 22-year-old clarifies in the documentary. “It’s not that I don’t like my other family members, but my dad and I are the same person, I’m kind of a reincarnation of him,” she continues. “And we think the same, we act the same and have the same optimistic nature. It’s a very special bond I have with him.”

Roland Kaiser: his daughter reveals his crazy hobby

The superstar’s pretty daughter not only discusses the special father-daughter relationship between the two, but also reveals a secret that Roland Kaiser might have preferred to keep to himself, namely a crazy hobby. “My dad has a very strange hobby, he likes to configure cars. He just puts together cars that will never exist in this world,” she reports. Not so far-fetched considering the 69-year-old is actually a skilled car salesman and later even ran a car dealership’s advertising department.

There will be even more personal insights and touching moments from Roland Kaiser’s career on Monday, May 9, 2022 at 11:35 p.m. on the “First”!

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