Regional Football League: FSV Frankfurt defends itself against ‘foul play’ allegations

Elversberger striker Kevin Koffi on the ball.An FSV Frankfurt player can be seen blurred in the background.

Because FSV Frankfurt and SV Elversberg did not attack each other for twelve minutes, both teams are accused of being unsportsmanlike. The Bornheimer cannot understand the vortex.

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Regionalliga Saturday

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The SV Elversberg defenders pushed the ball back and forth for twelve minutes. The attackers from FSV Frankfurt escorted them for twelve minutes. After the final whistle everyone cheered on the pitch.

With the 1:1 against SV Elversberg on the penultimate day of the Regionalliga Südwest, FSV Frankfurt almost won the championship. Barring a miracle, Elversberg will play in the 3rd division next season. The draw was enough for both teams to hold their pursuers to three points apiece. With a much better goal difference.

“Everyone would have been closer to themselves”

The non-aggression pact between the two teams has not been well received on social media. The “disgrace of Gijon” is recalled to “push in the battle of promotion and relegation”. At least the twelve-minute ball attachment was unsportsmanlike.

A dark day for German football! Max shift up & relegation battle. The game is completely stopped for 12 minutes, SVE have 100% of the ball, FSV don’t move and the fans cheer. Gijon 2.0, I hope SVE will be relegated without any chance.

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FSV sporting director Thomas Brendel has defended the Bornheimers’ approach. “The Elversbergers didn’t play forward and we didn’t want to win the ball,” he said on Sunday. FAZ. Why the Hessians too? The point was enough that they almost certainly held class. “Two other teams would have done the same thing. Everyone would have been closest to themselves there,” Brendel is convinced.

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You can see the highlights of the match, including statements from the Elversberg coach on the last twelve minutes, here in Saarland broadcast.

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