Nearly Completed 2001 Version Leaked

from Sarah Petzold
A 4Chan forum user has leaked a nearly finished version of the 2001 flopped shooter Duke Nukem Forever. The game is said to have been nearly finished at the time, but the developers were likely struggling with technical issues with the engine.

Duke Nukem Forever is arguably one of the biggest disappointments in video game history. When the title, whose release after 14 years of development almost no one believed, finally appeared in 2011, fans were expecting a half-baked shooter that couldn’t even begin to build on the legendary Duke Nukem 3D. What many fans didn’t know at the time: In fact, Duke Nukem Forever was almost completely developed in 2001.

Forever Duke Nukem: The Duke of the Last 30 Years

Duke Nukem Forever was meant to be a dark shooter with RPG elements

Frederik Schreiber, head of 3D Realms, recently revealed on the development studio’s Discord server that the shooter was already 90% complete at the time. The game is expected to have a much darker tone and come with RPG elements and a quest hub. 25 levels and 12 maps for a multiplayer mode already existed when the developers encountered serious technical problems in 2002: the rendering of light and shadow effects of the new engine was not compatible with static textures and the developers could almost finish throwing the game in the bin.

Although the official images of this version of the game are no longer available on Youtube, a 4Chan user has now leaked various information and images of the 2001 version. According to the leaker, a large part of Duke is Nukem Forever(2001) was actually playable, with working weapons and an editor. According to him, the release was based on Unreal Engine 1, like the final game. Leaked screenshots show various game environments, including a subway tunnel, strip club, casino, and outdoor space. We also see a few gameplay scenes including a shootout at said strip club in a video.

4Chan fans had mixed feelings about the material shown, but some hope that this version of Duke Nukem Forever will still see the light of day. In any case, the leaker claims to want to release the full build including the editor in June 2022. We are curious.

Source: Duke4net

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