Mobilcom-Debitel price swipes: last chance for ‘unlimited’ O2 package for 11 euros


Mobilcom-Debitel currently offers a monthly terminable O2 unlimited plan for 11 euros, you would normally pay more than double. However, the offer ends today, May 9th.

If you are looking for a cheap mobile phone tariff, you will find it at Mobilcom-Debitel – but only on Mondays until 8 p.m.

Alternative offer if expired:

New crash deal in the Telekom network: 6 GB for 9.99 euros

The package applies to both phone calls and text messages. However, there is no access to the 5G network. You use your data volume on the LTE network with a maximum speed of 25 megabits per second.

€9.99 instead of €31.99

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At Mobilcom-Debitel there is only for a short time an all-network flat rate in the Telefónica/o2 network with unlimited data volume for only 11 euros per month. A strong price and also worth a look as a second card – for example in a tablet – the contract can also be terminated on a monthly basis.

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NETZWELT may collect a commission from the merchant for links on this site. More information.

  • Unlimited LTE volume

  • Allnet package for telephony and SMS

  • Roaming in the EU

The price includes a flat rate for telephony and SMS in Germany and other EU countries. Your data volume is unlimited, but limited to a maximum of two megabits per second. That’s enough for surfing, streaming music or streaming videos in SD quality.

The big advantage of this tariff is flexibility. The contract can be terminated monthly and started flexibly. So if you still have a current mobile phone contract, you can simply start the Mobilcom-Debitel tariff later.

Of course, nowadays VoLTE (telephony via LTE) and WLAN Call (handy when mobile phone reception is poor) should not be missing. You use O2’s well-developed network, but without 5G. However, this is negligible due to the price, and O2’s new mobile technology is only available in a few major cities anyway. A one-time connection price of EUR 29.99 is added to the monthly fee.

All in all, the offer for an unlimited tariff is more than good, because you normally pay around 30 euros per month.

You can find out what you should consider when canceling your mobile phone contract and what you should generally pay attention to when choosing a mobile phone contract in the two linked articles.

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