Miami premiere in analysis: No progress at Mercedes


The Miami premiere in analysis

That brings us to the end of today’s ticker. Don’t worry: we’ll get back to you on Monday morning to calmly discuss the other subjects of the preview in Miami.

Of course, there is a little more to come on our portal, and now Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll are already reporting on the YouTube channel with their great video analysis.

The following topics are scheduled for today:

– Vettel collision against Schumacher
– Red Bull: Top speed trumps Ferrari
– Mercedes: Russell makes it 4-1
– Alonso apologizes
– Gasly vs Norris: racing accident?
– Conclusion: How did we like Miami?
– Questions from channel members from live chat

Have fun and see you later!


Bottas: Would have kept Hamilton behind me

The Finn thinks he would have finished fifth without the safety car. He sees no reason why he shouldn’t have kept Hamilton behind until the end of the race. “Until [zum Safety-Car] everything went pretty well,” he reports.

But the safety car allowed Russell to put on “new tyres”. “It changed everything,” he explains. As a result, Bottas made the mistake under pressure and had to let both Mercedes drivers pass.

“So the safety car was a bit unfortunate for me. But that’s the way it is,” he shrugs.


Gasly: ​​Wanted to leave extra space

Earlier we heard Norris and Alonso, now it’s Gasly’s turn. The Frenchman explains that his car was so damaged in Alonso’s crash that he couldn’t steer properly afterwards.

This in turn led to Norris colliding. He still tried to “steer the car as far to the right as possible”. “I tried to make room for everyone,” says Gasly. Yet there was contact.

“I don’t know where I should have gone,” he shrugs.


Russell: Knowing that we were lucky

Speaking of play: that applies to Hamilton’s teammates, who have speculated about a safety car. “When something like that happens, you look like a genius,” says Russell, but admits he just got “lucky” in the end.

“That’s what happens when you take a different tactic. We secured against P7 and there was no reason to oppose. Then you can stay there and hope something happens” , Russell said.

“Nevertheless, we failed to maintain the pace we showed on Friday. But we were better than Saturday, although far from Friday. It remains to be seen why,” he reports.


Hamilton: What was on the radio?

The record champion was not happy that the team wanted him to decide whether he should stop during the safety car period. Why was there a little argument on the radio?

“You don’t have all the information on the track,” he explains, adding, “So when you have the responsibility to make a decision, you feel like you’re playing. And I don’t like that. .”

So he asked the team to make a decision.


Perez missed ten km/h

The sensor problem could be solved. But Perez reports that he was still missing ten km/h on the straights afterwards. That’s why he had no chance of being P3 at the end, despite the new tyres.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t get close to Carlos even with the DRS. The deficit on the straights was very significant”, he reports, explaining that “with a normal engine” he could even have win in the end.

Due to technical problems, it was “a bad race”.


Alonso penalty

We were just off the plate: the warning wasn’t enough, Alonso got another five-second penalty because he took the lead when he left the track. This will make him lose points!

Albon inherited 9th place and Stroll, in tenth place, still scored points. Here is the brief explanation from the commissioners in full:

“The Stewards reviewed the video evidence and determined that car 14 left the track at turn 14 and gained a lasting advantage.”


Bottas: braked a little too late

The Finn stayed in P5 for a long time, but eventually lost two positions to the Mercedes drivers due to an error. “I braked a little too late. I just missed the apex,” he reports.

It was already enough to drive into the dirt next to the ideal line. “I understeered into the wall. Luckily nothing broke or caused a puncture,” he breathes deeply.

“It’s a shame we didn’t get P5, but P7 is still good,” Bottas said. In the World Championship, Alfa Romeo is still in P5 ahead of Alpine.


Alonso: Sorry for Gasly

Speaking of Gasly: ​​We reported earlier that Alonso apologized to the French. Now we also have the Spaniard in the caption: “It was my mistake. It happened to me sometimes.”

“Mick spun at Imola and destroyed my race. Today I braked too late and ruined Pierre’s race. It was my mistake and I’m sorry for him” , said the double world champion.

“It’s hard not to finish a race after someone hits you from behind,” he knows from personal experience and explains: “He was unlucky. It was my mistake.”


Norris: Gasly ‘just unfortunate’ crash

The McLaren driver does not see the fault of the accident in itself. “I have to talk to him first to figure out what happened,” Norris said. For him, it was as if Gasly had drifted in his direction.

In the end, the crash was “simply unfortunate” as Gasly’s car was already damaged after the previous contact with Alonso. A blessing in disguise: more P8s wouldn’t have been possible today even without the crash,” Norris said.

“Luckily we didn’t lose that much,” he said. “But a few points would have been better than none…”


The overtaking maneuver towards victory…

… is available again here in the video!


Schumacher: Best race of the year

This makes the crash doubly annoying. “I think it was our best race of the year so far,” Schumacher said. “Of course it wasn’t the day we were hoping for,” admitted team manager Günther Steiner.

Because Magnussen also left empty-handed. “It was the hardest race I have ever driven. It was incredibly hot,” reports the Dane. In the last stint, his front wing was also damaged.

“The rhythm in the car was there,” Steiner said angrily. In the end, you just had “bad luck again”. In the World Cup, Haas is still only in P8. There would have been more.


Hamilton: No progress at Mercedes

“Unfortunately, we had the same speed as in the first race”, summarizes the Briton and explains: “Unfortunately, we did not progress in these five races.” He also found himself behind his teammate today.

“George did a great job in the first stint,” he said. Then Russell got lucky with the safety car. “Looking back, the hard tire was the best tyre. Maybe we could have started on it,” Hamilton said.

In the end, however, they scored important points for the team with P5 and P6.


Sainz: I needed this race

After his two previous failures, the Spaniard explains in the PK that he “needed” this race. He finally had to cover a full race distance again – for his fitness and his understanding of the car.

He made “a few mistakes” today because he still didn’t fully understand the new Ferrari. Of course, the kilometers are all the more important. And today he was finally able to relax again.


Verstappen: hadn’t even practiced a start

We stick to the winner of the race, who reveals in the top 3 PK that he has not practiced a single start all weekend. So he didn’t know what to expect. Nevertheless, it was enough to directly smash one of the Ferraris.

Besides, he doesn’t want to complain about the safety car, which deprived him of all his lead. After all, he has already benefited from the safety car in other races. Abu Dhabi last year naturally comes to mind…


Official driver of the day…

… became Verstappen again today, by the way. His curious streak also continued: if the Dutchman saw the checkered flag this year, he also won. This happened three times. In the other two races, he finished empty-handed.

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