Manuel Cortez: On his relationship: ‘Once we get through this, we’ll get through everything else’

After his separation from Miyabi Kawai (48), Manuel Cortez (42) has been officially in a relationship with entrepreneur Saina Bayatpour (42) since the beginning of 2021. The two have even moved into an apartment together. The ‘In Love with Berlin’ star left Berlin for his sweetheart and soon moved to Munich. But although he feels very comfortable in the Bavarian capital, the post-move period has apparently not always been easy and has put the relationship between the two to the test, as Manuel has revealed in an interview with at the New Faces Award.

In the video above, Manuel Cortez shares the secret to a healthy relationship.

Manuel Cortez: “Nice to meet someone in a phase like this”

Manuel not only left his beloved Berlin in 2021 after 25 years, but also had to deal with health problems after a corona infection. “It was really a difficult time, just for both of us. Health, economy, in all its forms,” ​​explained the 42-year-old. “Those were two really difficult years.” However, the two’s love was not shattered by these challenges. But in the contrary ! “We got along really well with Corona all the time. You guys are great for each other and we’ve also overcome a lot of obstacles together,” Manuel explained. It is even certain that the relationship between the two has been further strengthened: “It’s nice to meet someone in such a phase where you have a test like that. Once we survive this, we’ll have everything else. there too.”

Manuel Cortez is still struggling with health issues

The move to Munich has not only strengthened the relationship between Manuel and Saina, it has also been good for the TV star’s health: “Especially during the Corona recovery phase last year, I had really need Munich Thanks to Long Covid I came with the speed of the city and this energy here [Berlin, Anm. d. Red.] not clear. I needed a rest.” Although Manuel is now in much better shape than a few months ago, he still sometimes struggles: “I’m at 80% and I’m quite happy with it. There are days when I still feel that. Extreme exhaustion, circulatory problems, slight paralysis of the hands, sudden tremors, in short, very slight neurological disorders. But less often, much, much less than before.”

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