Leak to the iPhone 14 Max: More memory and faster display

There have already been leaked renders of the upcoming iPhone 14 Max, which will likely replace the iPhone 13 mini in this year’s iPhone lineup. Technical details about the expected new iPhone model along with its price and variant are now also available.

  • New leak suggests iPhone 14 Max will get faster display
  • Apple could also increase the RAM capacity of its new iPhone model
  • The iPhone 14 Max is unofficially listed at $899

According to information from the famous Apple leaker Shadow Leak, the iPhone 14 Max will inherit some of the hardware features of the iPhone 13. This applies in particular to the design. It is also mentioned that Apple will significantly upgrade the iPhone 14 Max, at least in terms of RAM.

iPhone 14 Max with faster display and more memory

The source mentions that the iPhone 14 Max will have a 6.7-inch OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 2278 x 1284 pixels. While the pixel count is less of a surprise, the refresh rate in particular is a noticeable improvement over the iPhone 13’s 60Hz display.

Unfortunately, the same A15 Bionic chipset from last year’s iPhone will likely power both the iPhone 14 and the larger Max. If so, this is the first time Apple has significantly differentiated the standard iPhone from the Pro series. We are currently unable to assess the actual performance difference between the Bionic A15 and this year’s A16 SoC.

iPhone 14 perforated in the shape of a pill

There is speculation that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will feature a punch-hole display and a new 48MP camera. / © NextPit

In addition to the specs already mentioned, the iPhone 14 and Max models will likely retain dual 12MP rear cameras. The leaker has not confirmed an earlier report of an autofocus selfie camera in the iPhone 14. It is considered certain that only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will receive the new 48MP main sensor.

As for the price, the iPhone 14 Max could launch for $899 in the base version with 128 GB of storage. The 256GB model will likely cost $100 more. Of course, we always advise looking at this type of information with a healthy dose of skepticism. We won’t know for sure until Apple’s official iPhone event takes place in September.

Do you think it’s fair that Apple completely got rid of the iPhone mini in favor of the Max model? Tell us in the comments.

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