Landau an der Isar: David Hasselhoff advertises the wine festival – Bavaria

Few 80s and 90s television icons epitomize heroism and failure quite like David Hasselhoff. As Michael Knight he saved the world from dark forces, as Mitch Buchannon he saved people from drowning. Some time later, when most of the money from the two American series “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” had run out and fame was slowly fading, David Hasselhoff had to save himself as a heavy alcoholic. But: “The Hoff”, as he and his fans call themselves, kept getting up.

For those who used to turn on RTL after school, it’s perhaps a bittersweet mix of shame and nostalgic admiration as they review Hasselhoff’s later years. “The Hoff” is making money off his name. Just like Trump, Snoop Dogg or Harald Glööckler. There’s almost nothing “The Hoff” hasn’t promoted. Mediterranean cruises, sparkling water makers, a summer song with the singer Blümchen. Or a federal government vaccination campaign. Recently, this list was enriched with an element.

For the Lower Bavarian town of Landau an der Isar, he has been promoting the soon-to-be-launched wine festival since the weekend. For some, the fact that there are also wine festivals in Lower Bavaria may be more surprising than the fact that Hasselhoff lends his face to one of them. But for Matthias Kohlmayer, the city’s mayor, a long-cherished wish has come true with the 39-second video.


Last year, the 36-year-old mayor had already booked Lothar Matthäus via a corresponding platform on the Internet in order to record a short video message for his employees at the town hall, in the grip of confinement. He recently found himself in quarantine. “I was bored and had my laptop open. Suddenly I was inundated with advertisements that David Hasselhoff could now be booked.”

The video cost 450 euros – but could now be expensive

Kohlmayer, a “Knight Rider” fan since childhood, didn’t pass up the opportunity. For 450 euros, which he paid out of pocket, he ordered the video on the platform. However, as he now claims, it was all just for fun. Just like Matthew did. Two days after the order, the video with Kohlmayer’s suggested text arrived digitally. The mayor first posted it in the Whatsapp group with his councillors. The reaction there has been positive across party lines. Then he put the video on Facebook – and it went viral. Press inquiries have been pouring in since Saturday. The publicity for the city’s own festival could hardly be better.

If there was not a small catch: the 450 euro version of the video is only intended to be sent to colleagues and friends. If you advertise with it, it costs 3180 euros according to the site.

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