Is the Leitz Phone 2 coming soon?

Sharp presented the Aquos R7 and thus possibly the Leitz Phone 2 model. As with the predecessor, the sensor area is one of the selling points.

Sharp Aquos R7: the next smartphone with a 1-inch sensor

If you are looking for a smartphone with the largest photo sensor in the world, you cannot avoid the Japanese manufacturer Sharp. Some time ago they introduced the first device with a 1-inch sensor, the Aquos R6, which was even soon released by Leica as the Leitz Phone 1. As is known, the Sony Xperia PRO- I also has a sensor of this diameter, but it only uses about two-thirds of the area. Surprisingly, Sharp has now announced the Aquos R7, which follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.

Resolution more than doubled

When it comes to resolution, Sharp has made significant improvements worth noting. Instead of “only” 20.2 MP, the new sensor offers a whopping 47 MP and “high-speed Octa PD autofocus”. The Leica lens has a focal length of 19mm and a fairly open aperture of f/1.9. The main camera is also capable of recording 8K video.

The huge wide-angle sensor already takes up a good chunk of the rear, but a second lens appears to sit aside for a 2MP depth sensor. This should ensure attractive bokeh, especially for portraits.

Bright OLED display

In this sense, smartphones have large screens in front of a real camera. With the Sharp Aquos R7, this comes in the form of an OLED display with a diagonal of 6.6 inches, a resolution of 2,730 x 1,260 pixels, a refresh rate of 120 Hertz, a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits and 10-bit color depth.

The hardware inside the Sharp Aquos R7 falls a bit short of the remarkable main camera sensor, starting with the current high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and 12GB of RAM up to flash memory. of 256 GB, which, exceptionally, can even be extended up to 1 TB can be extended. A 5,000 mAh battery completes the package.

Sharp Aquos R7 coming to Japan from July

Unfortunately, the Sharp Aquos R7, like the R6, will likely only appear in its home country of Japan. The Aquos R7 should be available there from July 2022 at a price that has not yet been announced.

How do you rate the development with ever more camera sensors in smartphones?

Source: Sharp | via: verification of the notebook

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