Formula 1 – Conclusions on the GP of Miami: Schumacher must deliver

While Mick Schumacher again missed the jump in the points at the Miami Grand Prix and slowly had to be careful, Sergio Perez again battled fate. Meanwhile, the track in Florida shines only on asphalt. Discoveries on the Miami GP.

1. Miami is a lot of spectacle and little action

Which has won praise from organizers and officials ahead of F1’s visit to Miami. First Class described the visit to Florida on their social media as the “best weekend of the year”, referring to the event’s immense marketing opportunities around Hard Rock Stadium.

Over 400,000 tickets were reportedly sold in the “Magic City” over the weekend. The sometimes exorbitant tickets (paddock tickets cost US$10,000) were reportedly sold out in 40 minutes, something the makers are particularly proud of. “The idea was to create a race where people who are used to running think, ‘This is different, this is fun, this is exciting,'” said Tom Garfinkel, chief strategist of the event. With stars like Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Tom Brady, the decor was also accompanied.

The goal: to convert the F1 hype created by the Netflix series “Drive to Survive” into real money in the United States. Since the show first aired, the sport has received a huge boost of attention in the United States. “And now it’s in full swing,” Lewis Hamilton said of the weekend. In 2023 there will even be three races in the United States with Miami, Austin and Las Vegas – and more could follow.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with that. Although the organizers can be ridiculed for creating a fake artificial marina with fake plastic water, which was only intended to capture beautiful images for the television cameras, you usually can’t tell the bosses of the F1 the need for attention for the sport.

Verstappen: ‘I don’t like it at all’

Rather, the organizers and decision makers should be blamed for putting another mundane course on their calendar. While more and more historic classics like the Nürburgring, Hockenheim, Magny-Cours, Istanbul or Kuala Lumpur – despite a record number of races each season – are sorted out year after year, circuits with unimaginative layouts are allowed to stick to the calendar. .

Unfortunately, Miami also falls into the latter category. The course is neither particularly demanding for the pilots (only the high temperatures make things difficult for the pilots), nor does the layout offer any potential for excitement and action. The fact that the track is another street circuit, where the safety car must (inevitably) enter the track for every little thing, does the rest.

Even with the drivers, Miami fares less well, far from its glamorous environment. “I don’t like it at all,” was Max Verstappen’s devastating verdict. In particular, the 11-16 corner passage “does not fit a Formula 1 car. They are too heavy, long and wide”. The Dutchman would therefore like to have more say in the future, “how the roads are built. We will have to talk about it with Formula 1 and the FIA.”

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