Fler comments on ghostwriting scandal surrounding Kollegah

In the meantime, everyone has noticed the discussion that has arisen about Kollegah in recent weeks. The AME boss revealed, much to the amazement of many fans, that he doesn’t write his lyrics 100% on his own. After Alicia Joe’s video, Kollegah first explained that she occasionally works on punchlines with a small group of friends online.

He obviously alienated some fans with that statement. Because writing a text together did not correspond to the ideal image of a lyricist, nor was it the image that Kollegah had conveyed of himself throughout his career.

Fler, on the other hand, has always been much more open about not being alone in the writing process. He never hid from bringing talented songwriters like Laas, Sentino or Takt32 to the studio. As a result, he now supports Kollegah and explains that his old nemesis is still a good rapper and writer, even though he occasionally writes with other people. Kollegah’s creativity isn’t unlimited either, which is why it’s part of a professional job to brainstorm ideas with other people while writing.

Fler on the allegations against Kollegah

“The theme of ghostwriting is that. If you’re an artist who has a clear vision of how you want to make your music. Who also wrote for years, who produced for years, has his basic statement, has his image, has his message, that only he has And then gets people to help him with the writing, so it’s just that you need some creative input and exchange some ideas (…)

It is simply conviviality and a creative exchange. One is better at hooks, the other is better at finding rhymes, but the other has better lines. It’s all about professionalism, saying you want to end up making the best song possible. (…)

Now for this subject Kollegah. From what I hear, he’s just chatting with another guy on the internet. Listen, the question is this. The question everyone asking the question must be asking – can’t Kollegah rap? Isn’t Kollegah a good rapper now?

Yes it is. If you like that rhyming thing, that punchline thing, we all know Kollegah can do it. But his creativity is not unlimited either. And if he finds help somewhere, that doesn’t take away his talent. Finished, finished. They are looking for a hair in the soup, they are looking for a pimple on the face.”

Here you see the video

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