Fighting of defendants in Ukraine: Abandonment of the procedure for the attack on a luxury yacht

Defendant fights in Ukraine
Charges dropped for attack on luxury yacht

According to its own statements, Ukraine carried out an attack on a Russian’s luxury yacht in Mallorca. He wants revenge for the invasion of his homeland. After being released, he flies to his native land to fight. Since then, he has not been found for the Spanish authorities.

Almost two and a half months after an attack on a Russian luxury yacht in Mallorca, the case against a Ukrainian man has been dropped. Investigations would end as the accused could not be found, ‘Diario de Mallorca’ newspaper and other media on the Spanish island reported, citing judicial spokespersons. In addition, he is accused of relatively minor property damage. So there are no fees. A spokesperson for the district court responsible for the island’s capital, Palma, confirmed the information upon request.

Ukrainian sailor and machine operator Taras O. admitted in interviews with Spanish media and also before the investigating judge that on February 26 he tried to land the luxury yacht “Lady Anastasia” in the chic port of Porto Adriano near Santa Ponsa in the southwest of the Mediterranean island to sink his Russian employer. He wanted revenge for the invasion of his homeland. Its boss is a high-ranking member of a Russian company that produces weapons of war. His own home in Ukraine was destroyed in a Russian attack.

“Lady Anastasia” is almost 50 meters long

According to the Majorcan police, the Ukrainian had opened several valves on the yacht in order to flood the engine room. The approximately seven million euro, 47-meter-long “Lady Anastasia” was damaged, it was said. According to official reports, there were no injuries.

According to the media and his own statements, after being released on conditions, the accused flew to Ukraine to fight for his country. His fate and whereabouts are currently unknown. According to official figures, around 2,100 Ukrainians and around 2,000 Russians currently live in Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands.

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